Best AR 15 Scope under 200$

Today i am going to talk about AR 15 Scopes that will also cover your budget and you will not find them pretty much expensive. We will discuss everything about the best AR scopes and their specifications so when you will go and purchase them you do not have to have hard time!
Finding the right scope can be pretty hard if you do not know the right specification and requirement so you do need to be sure about there are a lot of things you should know like the type of your lens whether it is FFP or SFP the size of your tube so you can mount it on your rifle easily. So let us just start our discussion.

Bushnell AR Optics

This is one the quite nice scopes and it was first launched in 2013 and it was pretty popular at that time with the quite good range of features and you could get it in under 200$. The AR scope that Bushnell produces are quite nice and can give you different power range and you can switch them easily that is also one of the reasons why they were widely used in competitions! This model offers you dial elevation of 1-4x which is really considerable. Due to its FFP type you get best optical clarity and also it is affordable so you might want to give it a try.


This scope is famous for its own unique qualities. The design of this scope is really appreciable and it minimizes any possible risk when you are shooting from some crucial angles. It gives you the visible field of view of about 600 yards you can also target things at quite distance and for this reason this scope offers you Recoil absorption so you do not have to be worried about shooting continuously.
One of the best features it gives you are its fog and water proof facilities so you can imagine having such environment but with this scope you do not have to face any difficulty selecting your target! This scope is quite durable and you can count on it. It has nitrogen gas filled chamber which makes it more durable in being water and fog proof. This was originally built to be fitted in .223 and also for NATO 5.56 AR 15 rifles but you can place it on to any rifle with any caliber whether it is large or small your scope will not give you hard time adjusting itself.


This is the best scope so far and it can really keep you comfortable regarding your shooting, it makes sure you do face any quality issues it is built with high durable quality material and the best thing about this AR scope is that it is water and fog proof and that is not just it, this scope is rain proof as well as shockproof so you can imagine the amount of comfortability it offers you!
The good part of this scope is you can fit it on any kind of rifle very easily and it will give you the best results!
the built quality of the lens is appreciable and you get a lens with emerald coated. The benefit of this lens is you can select your target even in low light which is why it is appreciable for hunters!
More over it offers you MOA feature by which you can quick sight your target in the field however you might want to spend little bit extra timing in mounting it on your rifle but once it is there it will give you a good amount of range and quality! That is quite affordable with the best features.


The brand Leupold is one the well known and best manufacturer. This scope covers the latest technology and this scope features the quantum optic type that makes it latest and unique too. It offers you good amount of range along with the multi coated optics so you get about 92% of clarity of the vision.
This scope is fully recoiled proof so you can easily keep shooting at targets and you will not face difficulty. This scope is quite durable and water and fog proof, having this scope you do not have to worry about weather and even in dense fog it will give you clear reception due its fog proof quality. MOA 1 by 4 click is quite responsive with just light finger touch; it can be rotated and adjusted easily moreover you will find this AR 15 scope quite lightweight which is a plus point that makes it popular for the professional uses too. So it is worth buying you will find it eco friendly and with a very nice durable quality along with a nice design.


This is one the best Nikon products, besides producing elegant cameras. Nikon makes scopes for rifles too and quite nice and durable.
In this model you get 32mm lens with one inch tube with 10.7mm exit pupil so you can cover about 100 yards of distance quite nicely the diameter for eyepiece is 41mm that makes sure you get comfortable aim at your target.
The optical lens is multi coated and the magnification for its lens is 3X which really gives you high definition vision and it also makes sure you get best aim at low light because of its about 98% light transmission!
The length of this AR 15 scope is 8.1” inches and weight is 12.2 ounces.
The good point of this scope is you can set the turret to zero quite easily.

Nikon P-223 3-9×40 Mate BDC 600

Nikon is really an appreciable brand whether it is DSLR camera or AR 15 scope for your rifle this model is quite good it supports BDC reticle and also it gives you quite good amount of range that is up to 600 yards. Ballistic feature in this scope makes sure that you get accurate field adjustment which can be really important for your aiming.
Best thing about this is this give you low light setting with almost of 98% light transmission and you can aim at your target even in dark atmosphere.
This cool thing about this scope is that it allows you to have advance features in quite affordable price that is under 200$ that also makes it popular.
The turret can be adjusted with just a light finger movement and with this scope you can have 100 yards parallax correction.
For precise aiming you get adjustment knobs by which you easily set your aim at your specific targets but you might not be so happy with its range as it does not offer you any longer range targets.
The price for this AR 15 scope is 140$ to 149$.

Bushnell Optics

If you are looking for high built quality material and durable scope for your rifle then this will not be false to say that Bushnell can give you durable and high quality product.
This scope include 24mm lens. Best thing about this AR 15 rifle scope is that you can use it roughly even with the gloves you will feel full grip on it.
The weight of this scope is 16.9 ounces and its about 9.5” inches long. The turrets of this model can be adjusted very easily and it has the feature of setting it to zero.
But the thing you might not like about this scope is it has no rain guard so you should be careful if you want to take it outside in rainy weather.
It does not offer you side focus turret so you might not have parallax correction which can be little disappointing. But of course as i said it does offer you quite nice and durable built material along with the best High definition vision and you can aim at your target at about 500 yards.
The multi coated lens gives you the best brightness ratio that increases your vision and you can even see through it in dark atmosphere so you do not have to worry about aiming at your target whether it is darkness or the daytime!
Another thing you might dislike is it has a little sticker advertisement thing on its reticle which can be little frustrating for some professional hunters but overall it is quite nice to use as it gives you fast focus and magnification ring. And it is easy to mount on your rifle and its light weight so you can carry your rifle easily. So it is considerable when you get all these nice features in your AR 15 scope under just 200$ that makes it quite affordable for almost everyone.

How to choose a right AR 15 Scope?

best scope for guns

Tube Size:

this is one of the important things you need to know about, if you do not go for a tube that does not suit your requirement then you will sure have trouble setting it on to your desired rifle, tubes size can vary and you must know their exact size for example 1” inch, 30mm, 50mm tube etc. So always be sure about the tube size of the scope you are going to purchase.


This is also an important aspect to consider and you can also say that it is too important to just leave it. So i would like to discuss about it. it actually depends upon your choice type whether you want to have FFP (First Focal Plane) or SFP (Single Focal Plane)
With the FFP type your reticle size stays at its original measurement and when you zoom in or zoom out your scope vision it appears to grow accordingly but in reality it is not and it keeps the original size.
And with SFP the main benefit that you get quite thin reticle which you do not get in FFP optical.
So depending up on your personal choices it is up to you what type of scope you want to purchase but it is always better to know what you are buying.


This is very important thing and it can not only benefit you but also the life of your scope. Of course you do not want to scope which would not work as you expected it so it can be really upsetting. When you talk about durability you do not just talk about its built material quality but also you talk about its internal features that can keep it safe during exceptional environment such as foggy weather and in heavy rain.
Most of the scopes give you nitrogen coating on it’s lens and it keeps your lens safe from entering water and also keep it clean during foggy environment. You should also be focusing about having a scope that offers your shockproof feature so you can get the best target with minimum effort.

Range/ Magnification:

So far quite considerable thing to talk about, depending upon your use. If you want to go for coyote hunting or any involvement with the good amount of range then of course you cannot afford to have a scope that do not provide you good range! Range sometimes also refer to magnification which means how far you can target and of course if you are a professional hunger or using your rifle for target shooting then you might be needing a good magnification so at least you should settle yourself for 400 to 600 yards and that will also not punish your budget. Many scopes that come under 200$ cover this much distance for your long shots! So always be sure about it and know your exact requirement before purchasing it.

Adjustable knobs:

If you are a professional hunter or use your rifle for any professional purpose then you will know it is a good idea to have an easy knob adjustment for your scope so you can even rotate it with the touch of your finger.
So it will not give you hard time while you are in field.


A reticle is a crosshair that you use for targeting; you need to focus on crosshair properly so that you can aim it at your target!
Reticle basically offers you a central aiming point so you can easily aim at your target the thicker the reticle is the better vision you will have in the dark atmosphere. Or if your background is not so still so you will have difficulty aiming at your target but if you only plan to aim at target shooting exercise etc then you can go along with thinner reticle!

If you do not have good standard of reticle then you will be able to focus on your target properly and this will lead to false shots and even unfocused targets so make sure to purchase a scope with good quality reticle even if it is simpler one that would not be an issue but it should work properly.

It is advised to first check your reticle on some blank spot such as wall or sky so you can see the proper adjustment of reticle and also make sure your eyepiece is comfortable while you look through the scope. Make sure your scope has tightening ring so you can focus on your reticle and if it is not much sharp then rotate the ring.Tighten it until your reticle becomes clearer for you!

Optics type:

This is important thing to know because it defines your scope, with a scope with best optics type can offer you a quite nicer vision even under the low shades of light, it transmits the enough amount of light percentage for you, and some of the scopes can provide you above 92% of the light transmission which mean you can see through very nice and will not have difficulty shooting or selecting your target even in low light.


In all my articles i mention that having warranty not only makes you feel secured but also benefit you if something unexpectedly goes wrong, you can never expect 100% that something will work accurately so you should always have safe side, when you are buying AR 15 scope for your rifle then make sure you get it from your trusted supplier and with acceptable warranty so if you face any durability or other error you may be able to contact your supplier back and it will also save your money.

I hope you have read this article that include buyer’s guide and different best AR scopes so just keep this information in your mind and make a best decision according to your needs!

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