Hair Care Tips For Summers

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Just like the scorching sun damages the skin, it also has detrimental effects on hair. While we enjoy these summers, having a daily hair care routine is essential to protect them from dangerous UV rays. 

Sun rays cause frizz and discoloration but damage the outer layer of hair. Additionally, it causes split ends and dryness and makes them brittle. It’s not always right to chop down the hair, but it is vital to have a healthy routine for hair according to the season. If you want to avoid dry and frizzy hair this summer, you are at the right spot. Here are some tips you can add to your hair care to avoid damage. 

How to Protect your Hair During Summer 

Wash Your Hair Properly

Your scalp should be the primary priority of your hair care routine. Thoroughly Shampooing your hair can help to get rid of any buildup on your scalp, including dead skin cells, extra oil, and other impurities.

Shampooing maintains cleanliness and gives volume to hair. The sweat and dirt that comes with summer make your hair greasy and frizzy.

Maybe you think it is important to wash your hair daily. But excessive shampooing has its own drawbacks. It can further dry out your hair by removing the natural oils from your scalp. Therefore, it’s better to wash your hair only twice a week. 

Use Conditioners

Use conditioner to hydrate, moisturize, and revive your hair’s vitality because summer brings humidity. The protective layer that conditioner puts on top of each hair strand works as a shield. It protects the hair from the excessive heat of styling tools and other pollutants that damage the hair. Your hair will remain shiny and silky for longer if there is less damage.

Give Yourself An Oil Massage 

 It’s better to do an oil massage once a week. Apply lukewarm oil to your scalp. Avoid using excessive amounts of oil on your hair because it will attract more dust if left oily after washing and may become dry and itchy. Slow massages give your scalp the nourishment and hydration it needs, and you’ll also get healthy hair follicles as a result. Oiling is a fantastic option for providing your hair follicles and scalp with deep nourishment because it also increases blood flow, which promotes healthy hair growth.

Cover Your Head

Scorching rays of the sun can dry and damage your hair quickly. It’s better to cover your head with a cap or a scarf to avoid direct contact with the sun. 

If you prefer a scarf, it is preferable to use a silk one. Silk is a hypoallergenic material. It also protects your scalp from dandruff, dust, and many air bacteria. Also, wearing a silk scarf adds a classy element to your look as well. 

Trim your Hair 

Your hair tips endure significant damage during the summer, leading to split ends and dry tips. Make sure to trim your hair to maintain a fresh cut and lessen split ends in order to prevent further damage. Tr Your hair will be simpler to manage after a trim. Do not stress over the length because most hair strands are in the growth phase. Thus, during the summer, your hair grows more quickly.

In addition to making your hair look frizzy, split ends also make your hair dry and breakable. The proper summer hair care routine can keep your hair healthy and summer-ready while reducing split ends.

trimming hair for hair care

Avoid Heat Tools 

Hair loss can be a result of excessive heating. Not only can excessive heat and twisting from hot rollers or curling irons cause hair breakage, split ends, and other hair damage, but it’s also possible that these factors could cause traction alopecia.

Wash your hair 30 minutes beforehand to allow enough time for it to dry. You can style your hair in some natural ways, but refrain from doing so frequently.

Hydrate Yourself 

Getting enough water into your body has many advantages, especially for your skin and hair. Hydration from drinking water helps to energize you and support the growth of your hair from root to tip. Additionally, it promotes a healthier scalp, lowering your risk of issues like dryness, itching, dandruff, split ends, and brittle hair.

For healthy, shiny, and hydrated hair throughout the summers, try to drink enough water and treat yourself with nutritious food. 

Tie Up Your Hair In a Bun

Opening hairs can be an issue for you in the summer. It may tangle and cause significant hair loss. The way you manage to style up your hair in summer can have a significant influence on your hair care.

Tying up your hair is a great way to avoid sweating. No one likes sweaty hair. You can experiment with hairdos like braids, buns, ponytails, and twists. The hairstyle you choose for yourself plays a vital role in preventing split ends.


Dusty wind in summer can cause tangles in your hair. Make sure to detangle your hair by combing them every night before going to sleep and tie them in loose braids. It is also essential to detangle your hair before wavy wash. This way, you’ll have less breakage.

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