More than 30 innocents Dead In A Mass Shooting Massacre At Thailand’s Child Care Institute

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The inhumane massacre on Thursday, October 06, at Nursery School in Utthai Sawan Town, Nong Bua Lamphu Province, Thailand, shocked everyone. In the attack minimum, 37 people lost their lives, of which 24 were children, and the rest were adults. The attack injured at least ten people, but six are critical. An ex-police officer executed the attack. The culprit fled from the crime scene. Afterward, he drove the car and killed people on the road with his gun. After reaching home, the culprit killed his wife and son. Then he took his own life. The two weapons he used in the attack were a 9mm Pistol and a knife for cutting grass. It was the deadliest attack in the history of Thailand done by a single man. Luckily, a 3-year-old child survived the crime scene without any injuries. Rescue teams took wounded people to the hospital immediately.

Who was the Culprit?

According to the police, the name of the Culprit is Panya Khamrab. He was a 34 years ex-police officer whom authorities suspended last year in the case of drug charges. They caught him taking methamphetamine. Before one day of the attack, he attended court for a matter of a drug offense. His mother said that he was addicted to drugs since high school. According to witnesses, the culprit has a drug addiction problem.

At this stage, police believe that culprit was mentally disturbed because of drugs and stress. But the initial report didn’t find any drugs in his body till three days before the attack. A report by the inspection team stated that he mainly used a knife to kill small kids inside the nursery center. When he reached home, he killed everyone he met with a gun.

When police surrounded his home, they learned that the culprit had committed suicide. The culprit’s two years old stepson was also in that Nursery School. It is also believed that Panya was there to pick up his stepson but didn’t find him, so he started shooting. But according to the teacher of the Nursery School, Panya’s stepson was not attending class for one month. Until now, his motive is unknown, but investigations are going on.

The Three-Year-Old Innocent Survivor of Thailand Child Care Attack

Thailand Child Care Attack Survivor

The culprit killed all the friends of Emmy (3 years old survivor), but it is unclear how Emmy survived. She is the only child to survive unscratched. The culprit killed all the children as they were sleeping at that time. The rescue person took her out of the floor full of blood by wrapping cloth around her eyes. Her mother was full of tears when she heard the news of the attack at the Nursery School. But when she talked with Emmy on the video call, she got a sigh of relief. She said, “I finally got a video call with Emmy and got a blessed relief.”


UNICEF condemned the attack and requested media agencies not to post those violent images of the attack. The US state department added that they are ready for assistance. The king of Thailand, King Vajiralongkorn, will cover all the expenses, including hospitalization and funeral costs for victims of the attack. Bangkok’s governor and finance minister offers condolences to the victims’ families. The prime ministers of Australia and the United Kingdom also sympathized with the victims’ families. The prime minister of Thailand expressed his emotions and described this incident as shocking. Prayut also visited Nong Bua Lamphu on October 07 to meet the victims’ families.

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