War mounts in Ukraine: Kyiv braces for a Russian onslaught

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As we know Russia Ukraine news is all around the globe, recently gunfire boomed throughout Ukraine’s capital Kyiv as Russian tanks were videotaped for the first time entering the city. Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense urged residents on the country’s northern frontiers, where tanks were spotted, to build fire bombs to neutralize the enemy.

According to Ukraine Russia news. The European Union has approved further sanctions against Vladimir Putin. Freezing his personal assets in the European Union. Meanwhile, the Kremlin asserts that Russia is prepared for negotiations with Ukraine.

Dmitry Peskov, the Kremlin’s spokesman. Said negotiations would have to focus on Ukraine establishing a “neutral status” that would include “demilitarization.” Russia wishes for Ukraine to rule out joining NATO in the future.

Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky has frequently requested talks with Mr Putin but has shown no indication that he would agree to negotiations based on “demilitarisation.” Kyiv was struck by explosions overnight, destroying at least one block of flats and injuring numerous civilians.

ukraine shelling

Russia has vehemently denied conducting strikes – Russia Ukraine conflict

aftermath of ukraine russia war

According to Reuters, an anonymous source from Russia’s defense ministry also confirmed that a plane shot down over Kyiv was Ukrainian. Ukraine has stated that the aircraft was Russian.

As the second day of conflict began. Moscow appeared to have Kyiv firmly in its sights. Moscow is assaulting from the east, north, and south. Mayor Vitali Klitschko stated that the adversary was attempting to bring Kyiv to its knees.

On Friday afternoon, Russia’s defense ministry declared that it had captured the Antonov airport from Ukraine, utilizing 200 helicopters and a landing force. Earlier this year, Western intelligence authorities warned Russia was assembling a “overwhelming army” to seize control of the city.

Citizens in the northern Obolon area have been advised by city officials to stay at home in order to avoid “active military activities,” Reuters says. Obolon is the same region as earlier in the day, when it appeared as though tanks were videotaped.

On its Facebook page, the Ministry of Defence had already pleaded with district residents to “tell us of troop movements. To manufacture Molotov cocktails [firebombs], and to neutralize the enemy.”

Overnight, families sought refuge in Kyiv’s metro stations as aerial assaults pounded the city, particularly the heavily populated Pozniake district, hurting at least eight people. “We want to see Putin butchered like an animal,” a resident of Kyiv told the BBC’s Nick Beake.

“How are we going to survive it in our lifetime?” Oxana Gulenko inquired of Reuters as she swept up broken glass from a previous explosion. “What are our thoughts? Putin, along with his entire family, should be damned to hell.”

Russia Retaliates by taking Crimea’s southern area

Russia then retaliated by taking Crimea’s southern area and sparking an uprising in the east, backing separatists against Ukrainian soldiers in a war that has claimed 14,000 lives.

Late in 2021, Russia began massing soldiers close to Ukraine’s borders. Despite repeated denials that it intended to attack. Then Mr Putin renounced a 2015 peace agreement for the east and recognized rebel-controlled areas as autonomous.

Russia has long opposed Ukraine’s accession to the European Union and to NATO. The West’s defensive military alliance. In announcing Russia’s incursion, he accused NATO of endangering “our nation’s historic future.”

Ukraine Russia conflict summary Upsc
Ukraine and Russia LOC

How far is Russia willing to go? Will Russia take over Ukraine?

Russia is clearly attempting to destabilize Ukraine’s democratically elected government. Its objective is for Ukraine to be liberated from persecution and “purified of Nazis.” President Zelensky stated that he had been warned that “the enemy has chosen me as the primary target; my family is the secondary target.”

This bogus narrative of a fascist-occupied Ukraine in 2014 has been repeated on Kremlin-controlled television on a regular basis. Mr Putin has spoken of prosecuting “those responsible for multiple heinous atrocities against civilians.” Russia’s intentions for Ukraine are unknown. But they will confront tough opposition from a deeply hostile populace.

In January, the UK accused Moscow of trying to install a pro-Moscow puppet as Ukraine’s president–a charge Russia dismissed as ridiculous at the time. According to one unsubstantiated intelligence report, Russia intended to divide the country in half.

Prior to the invasion, when up to 200,000 troops were stationed near Ukraine’s borders, Russia’s public attention was solely on the eastern regions of Luhansk and Donetsk.

Mr. Putin communicated to the world that the rebel areas controlled by Russian proxies were no longer part of Ukraine by recognizing them as independent. Then he disclosed that he agreed with their claims to a much larger portion of Ukrainian territory.

Although the self-styled people’s republics cover less than a third of Ukraine’s Luhansk and Donetsk regions, the rebels also want the remainder.

What kind of danger does this invasion pose to Europe?

For the Ukrainian people, these are frightening times, and for the rest of the continent, which is witnessing a major force invade a European neighbor for the first time since World War II.

Numerous citizens and military have already perished in what Germany has branded “Putin’s war.” And this invasion has brought Europe’s leaders some of their worst hours since the 1940s.

It was a watershed moment in European history, according to France’s Emmanuel Macron. Volodymyr Zelensky, evoking the Soviet Union’s Cold War era, warned of Ukraine’s efforts to avert a new iron curtain separating Russia from the civilized world.

There will be stressful days ahead for the families of both forces. Ukrainians have already endured an arduous eight-year conflict with Russian proxies. The military has activated all reservists between the ages of 18 and 60.

Mark Milley, a senior US military officer, said the scale of Russian forces would result in a “horrific” scenario including battle in dense metropolitan areas. Russia’s citizenry was also unprepared for this conflict, as the invasion was rubber-stamped by a largely unrepresentative upper house of parliament.

The invasion has repercussions for a number of other countries that share a border with Russia and Ukraine. Five countries are experiencing an influx of refugees. While the UN children’s agency anticipates up to five million. Poles. Moldovans, Romanians, Slovaks, and Hungarians are all bracing themselves for the coming.

What is the West’s recourse?

kyiv Ukraine
Russia advances on Kyiv

NATO has activated airplanes, but the Western alliance has made it clear that it has no intention of sending combat troops to Ukraine. Rather than that, they provided advisers, weaponry, and field hospitals.

Meanwhile, NATO has deployed 5,000 troops to the Baltic republics and Poland. Additional 4,000 dollars are for Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, and Slovakia. Simultaneously. The West is concentrating its efforts on Russia’s economy, financial institutions, and individuals:

  • The European Union and the United Kingdom have slapped sanctions on President Putin and Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on an individual basis.
  • The EU wishes to restrict Russia’s access to capital markets and isolate its industry from cutting-edge technology and defense. Additionally, it targeted 351 Members of Parliament who backed Russia’s recognition of rebel-held territory.
  • Germany has postponed approval of Russia’s Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, which represents a significant investment for both Russian and European corporations.
  • The US is targeting ten of Russia’s largest financial institutions, which control almost 80% of the country’s banking assets, making it difficult for them to do transactions in dollars or euros.

The UK says it would freeze the assets of all major Russian banks. Targeting 100 persons and companies; and Russia’s national carrier Aeroflot will also be barred from landing in the UK.

Ukraine has encouraged its partners to discontinue their purchases of Russian oil and gas. The three Baltic States have urged the rest of the world to cut Russia’s financial system off from the international Swift payment system.

This might have a detrimental effect on the US and European economies, and Germany has indicated that it is hesitant to accept. St Petersburg, Russia, will be unable to host this year’s Champions League final due to security concerns.

What is Putin’s objective? Russian invasion of Ukraine

President Putin cited Nato’s eastward expansion as a factor in his decision to attack. He previously claimed that Russia has nowhere else to flee to – do they believe we’re going to sit quietly by? Why does Russia want Ukraine is still quite unknown. Ukraine is seeking a clear schedule for joining Nato, and Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov stated: “It is vitally necessary for us to ensure Ukraine never joins Nato.”

President Putin penned a lengthy essay last year identifying Russians and Ukrainians as one people, and he has referred to the Soviet Union’s collapse in December 1991 as the “disintegration of historical Russia.He has asserted that contemporary Ukraine was founded totally by communist Russia and is now a puppet state under Western influence.

Additionally, President Putin has argued that if Ukraine joins NATO. The alliance may attempt to reclaim Crimea. However, Russia is not solely concerned in Ukraine. It calls for Nato to revert to its pre-1997 boundaries.

Mr Putin has urged Nato to withdraw its forces and military facilities from member states that joined the alliance after 1997 and to refrain from deploying strike weapons near Russia’s borders. This includes Central and Eastern Europe, as well as the Baltic States. According to President Putin, the West agreed in 1990 not to expand Nato even an inch to the east, but did so nonetheless.

That was prior to the collapse of the Soviet Union, however, and so the pledge made to then-Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev specifically mentioned East Germany in the context of a reunified Germany. Mr Gorbachev later stated that “the subject of NATO enlargement was never under consideration at that time period.

Ukraine Russia Anti-war protests

What statement has NATO made?

Nato is a defensive alliance with an open membership policy. Which its 30 member states are sure will not change. Ukraine will not join for a long time. As Germany’s chancellor has stated. However, the notion that any present NATO member would renounce membership is a non-starter.

Is there an out diplomatically?

Not at the moment. Ukraine has requested negotiations, but Russia insists they can only take place if Kyiv agrees to surrender and demilitarize, which Kyiv has stated it would not do. Along with the battle, any final settlement will have to address the West’s presence in the east and armaments control.

The US had offered to begin negotiations on short- and medium-range missile restrictions, as well as a new treaty on intercontinental missiles. Russia desired that all US nuclear weapons be prohibited from being deployed outside their national borders.

Russia previously expressed support for a proposed transparent mechanism involving bilateral inspections of missile bases – two in Russia and two in Romania and Poland. Moody’s considers downgrading Russia and Ukraine’s credit ratings

Moody’s said it had placed Russia and Ukraine’s credit ratings on review for possible downgrading. According to the ratings agency, there are severe worries about Russia’s ability to manage the disruptive impact of fresh sanctions on its economy, public finances, and financial system.

Russia now has an investment-grade rating of Baa3; a downgrade would result in the country’s rating being downgraded to junk. Ukraine has a B3 rating, and Moody’s warned that a protracted conflict might jeopardize the government’s liquidity and external situations, given the country’s large external maturities in the coming years and its economy’s reliance on foreign currency financing.

Exactly 11 hours ago (22:48 GMT)

Russia vetoes a United Nations Security Council resolution on Ukraine, while China abstains. Russia has blocked a draft UN Security Council resolution condemning Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine, while China abstained — a move viewed positively by Western countries as reflecting Russia’s worldwide isolation.

Additionally, the United Arab Emirates and India refrained from voting on the wording produced by the United States. The remaining 11 members of the council voted in favor. The draft resolution is now likely to be under consideration by the UN General Assembly’s 193 members.

Vassily Nebenzia, Russia’s ambassador to the United Nations. Attends a United Nations Security Council meeting to discuss a resolution condemning Russia’s conduct toward Ukraine. [Reuters/Carlo Allegri]

Exactly 11 hours ago (22:33 GMT)

Russia’s incursion ‘threatens the world system,’ according to the US envoy to the UN. The US representative to the United Nations, Linda Thomas-Greenfield, has warned Russia of jeopardizing the world order with its invasion of Ukraine.

“Russia’s latest assault on our most fundamental ideals is so audacious, so brazen, that it threatens the very existence of our international order. “We have a solemn commitment to remain vigilant,” she warned the United Nations Security Council.

Thomas-Greenfield, echoing Biden’s earlier this week remarks. Stated that Russia has engagement in a “war of choice” in Ukraine.

“Russia has chosen to inflict unimaginable pain on the Ukrainian people and its own civilians,” she stated. “Russia has chosen to violate Ukraine’s sovereignty, international law, and the United Nations Charter.”

Ukraine russia- Ukraine allows firearms to civilians
Ukraine allows firepower to citizens

Exactly 11 hours ago (22:29 GMT)

Russia’s veto of any resolution is almost certain: According to Amnesty International’s secretary general, Agnes Callamard, Russia “would almost certainly veto any resolution” at the UN Security Council meeting.

“If the United Nations Security Council remains paralyzed, it is up to the entire membership to stand forward,” she stated. She urged the United Nations General Assembly to pass a resolution condemning Russia’s illegal attack and “demanding an end to all violations of humanitarian law and human rights.

Millions of civilians’ lives, safety, and well-being are at stake, she added, despite the fact that a UNGA resolution would be non-binding. According to the IMF, Ukraine requested emergency funding.

Exactly 12 hours ago (21:33 GMT)

Bulgaria prohibits Russian airlines from using its airspace. Bulgaria will prohibit Russian airline flights into the nation and will block its airspace to all Russian aircraft beginning Saturday, the country’s transport ministry announced.

The ministry stated; that the action is in response to the military conflict’s escalation and as a show of support with Ukraine. The Pentagon reports that the US will provide further security assistance to Ukraine.

The United States will give more security assistance to Ukraine, the Pentagon announced. Adding that it is considering the best method of delivery. Let me be quite clear: We will provide further security assistance to Ukraine. We shall do so. “How that will be accomplished is still being determined,” Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said at a news briefing. Adding that “the airspace over Ukraine is contested.”

The United Kingdom prohibits Russian private jets from its airspace

UK transport minister Grant Shapps has declared that no Russian private plane will fly into or land in UK airspace. Beginning immediately.

“Putin’s actions are illegal, and anyone who benefits from Russia’s aggression in Ukraine is not welcome in this country. I’ve tightened our embargo in the UK, effectively prohibiting any Russian private plane from flying into or landing in UK airspace,” Shapps tweeted.

Poland and the Czech Republic have also announced that they are prohibiting Russian planes from using their airspace. While other companies, notably British Airways and Virgin Atlantic, have begun routing flights around Russian airspace.

ukraine russia military comparison
Ukraine Russia Military comparison


Is Russia planning on invading Ukraine in early 2022?

At the Cold War’s conclusion, the West made numerous promises to both former Soviet satellite republics and Russia itself. Just finished reading about the Budapest accords and the ensuing perceived breach of pledges. Which culminated in Russia’s brief foray into Georgia in 2008.

Russia has no intention of invading and annexing Ukraine. It recognizes that its best course of action is to retain Ukraine as a buffer state. And that the best way to do so is to keep the nation destabilized in the event that the West does not favor maintaining Ukraine’s neutrality.

 What is the difference between Russian and Ukrainian?

The variations are in the vocabulary, the linguistic pitch, the semantics of words, and the meanings of words. In comparison to Russian, Ukrainian has fewer harsh obscenities. Also there are differences in alphabets and how they appear. There are differences; otherwise, why would Russians pay such close attention to the Ukrainian language. And why would Russians be so terrified of it?

Only one truth about the prohibition of Ukrainian language is worth thousands of words when it comes to describing this issue and attitude toward Ukrainian. Despite all of the distortions and attempts to equate the two languages. The Ukrainian language remains a long way from Russian.

 Will Joe Biden save Ukrainians if Putin decides to invade?

Joe Biden has clearly stated that he will not send any troops to help the Ukraine; however he also has helped Ukraine by issuing the bill of $600 million. This is because Ukraine and USA along with other countries had an agreement in 1961. Due to which USA is liable to assist Ukraine in his hard time. Moreover; Biden also said that he will be sending the troops in Ukraine but to only save the USA Citizens.

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