Discovery of New Moai Statue on Easter Island: The Secret of Island’s Popularity

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Breaking News: Recently, a new moai (statue) was discovered on Easter Island, shocking scientists and archeologists. According to Terry Hunt, an archaeologist from the University of Arizona, the new statue is shorter than more than a thousand stone figures on the island. It measures around 33 feet tall and weighs 80 tons.

The Island is located in the Pacific Ocean and is 2,200 miles away from Chile. However, it still comes under Chilean territory. It is home to 8,000 people and is protected as a park and a UNESCO World Heritage site. Many people come here to spend their vacations. But why? What’s the thing which feels appealing to those holiday spenders? In this article, we will explore the reason for the popularity of this island.

What is Easter Island Famous For?

Tourists travel to Easter Island for various reasons. Here are some of them:

Moai Stone Statues

Easter Island is primarily famous because of its iconic moai stone figures. According to research, the people of Rapa Nui crafted these statues sometime between 1200 and 1500. Half of the moai statues were at the Rapa Raraku site. But many were shifted to other places, such as along the coastline and mountains. Tour guides take visitors close to these statues and are only allowed to take stand-up pics with them.

Hiking Opportunities

Easter Island contains several mountains and hills. These stone slopes give visitors an iconic and unforgettable experience. Ana O Keke and Terevaka’s cave are the most famous mountains open for hiking on the island. Terevaka is considered to be the highest peak on the island. Easter Island has a treasure trove of natural wonders in mountainous places and extra-rich outdoor opportunities. They are a must-watch scenery for tourists. For instance, the landscape and volcanic eruptions are rare and epic on rough surfaces here.

Rupa Nhi National Park

Easter Island is full of nature’s scenery. That’s why a national park is built there. It is a combination of caves and tunnels (made from volcanic eruptions and hall-like stones). Numerous activities are available at the park, such as bungee jumping, tunnel travel, and ghost cave. Additionally, the park’s interior is just as beautiful as heaven. Green gardens give an attractive look, while tropical beaches enhance it.

Can You Travel to Eastern Island as a Common Man?

Yes, but there are some formalities you have to fulfill to visit Easter Island. One of the main formalities to fill out is the unique entry form. It is a pre-arrival permission every tourist needs to apply for. This form will give you direct permission to visit Easter Island territory. Remember, the consent is just for 30 days, so do not stretch out your vacations longer than it.

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Wrapping Up

Traveling to Easter Island is a great way to have fun with your family and friends on vacation. It will give you nature’s way to relax and take you to a scene of how the world looked 1000 years ago. Don’t forget to read the rulebook of Easter Island. If you think of touching a Moai, forget it, as the touch can put you in jail.

The discovery of Moai has indicated a clue to explore more statues. Scientists have even started to research stone icons underwater, and other places often missed by the human eye.

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