Top 10 Charming Places To Visit In The Uk

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There are many incredible and stunning places to visit in the UK. So much that you’ll get confused while choosing the place to visit. There’s an epic amount of places to stay in the UK. Probably the unusual traditions that we have too.

Honestly, I always say the UK is a lot better than London. Yes, all the areas in London are amazing to explore but we must visit the UK once to visit the gorgeous places!

Let’s get into the article to know more about the top 10 charming places to visit in the UK.

1-  Robins Hoods Bay Yorkshire:

Robins Hood bay is located in northern England and is one of the amazing places to visit in the UK. It’s located right on the northern sea coast and has a tiny hamlet nestled with cliffs.

Now let’s move towards the history of robins hoods bay Yorkshire.

Once a little sleepy fishing village which doesn’t have roads became smugglers’ heaven. The contraband alcohol was brought at night and taken within several tunnels and cellars rugged under the houses. Nowadays a glass of alcohol isn’t unlawful and there’s a huge list of English pubs that dot the town.

Ensure you visit the vintage post office and have some deserts served with tea. Like we are talking about Yorkshire you must have a good time!

2- Ulls Water The Lake District:

Ulls Water - Places to Visit in the Uk

Now we are talking about the UK’s newest UNESCO world heritage site which you should not have missed. Yes! We are talking about the Lake District. The whole region has a few lakes and Windermere is the biggest and the most popular one.

Anyways Ulls water is also considered to be the second quietest place than Windermere.

We stayed at the incredible lake district which was fantastic. There we had the ulls steamer beside the lake, and ordinary mountains, and paddle-boarded over the lake.

It’s the best place if you want to have a quiet place to stay. The Lake District is the best option. If you love nature it’s the best place to visit in the UK.

3- Malton Yorkshire:

It’s the best spot in the UK. Malton is the place I guarantee you’ll fall for and especially if you love mini-towns.

Over the past 10 years, this mini market has changed from a colourless community to an amazing sport for street food. Yorkshire produces that food with loads of love.

You can spend your day around these mini stores and ensure you get involved with mountains of nicely roasted coffee at ROOST and homemade gelato.

And yes, wear elastic pants as your tummy will get filled with too much food.

4- Bath Somerset:

The Roman city of bath is an amazing place in the UK, especially if you love to explore historic places. The whole city centre is protected properly; it means the charm is kept for us to enjoy.

5- the Scilly isles:

Scilly isles - Places to visit in the Uk

Not too often do you think about the UK as tropical but Scilly isles are just that.

As they are located off the coast of Cornwall this mini bunch of islands for the sake of the Gulf Stream which produces lovely warm currents from the Caribbean.

A flyover has been made there to move to the islands from Exeter which is near Watergate bay.

Once you have explored a few islands, find an amazing cottage to rent on the island.

6- Edinburgh Scotland:

Edinburgh is one of the loveliest and most famous Scottish cities. It has a thousand years of history, a Castle on an ancient volcanic butte and a picturesque old town. It’s the best place if you want to discover beautiful Scotland.

Make sure you check the royal mile and holy rood palace which is the queen’s palace in Edinburgh.

Moreover, if it’s your first visit in the city, ensure to check out some free-of-cost things, the city’s best bars, and a few of Edinburgh’s secret spots. It’s hidden in plain sight. It’s the best place to visit in the UK while you explore Scotland.

7- Watergate bay Cornwall:

Watergate bay is a mini beach place which is a stunning place. On the north side of Cornwall near Newquay, it’s an amazing place to unwind. Do some exploring or just relax on the beach.

I rented Watergate Bay hotel which is beautiful and a perfect mix of laid-back luxury with no pomp. Even for breakfast, it’s the best place to visit in the UK. Their waffles are the best!

8- Portmeirion wales:

Portmeinior - Places to Visit in the Uk

It’s not often you explore Italian villages in Wales but this location is just to die for. An Italian welsh village.

If you haven’t experienced a hot and sunny day how could you feel that you are in the UK? It’s a hidden spot you must visit in the UK.

9- the Cotswold England:

This stunning area of the UK is as quaint as you think. It’s the best place which you can visit in the car easily.

Think If you roll green hills, little cottages and cosy tea shops to eat as many scones as possible. It’s a gorgeous area to visit.

10- Cambridge Cambridgeshire:

Cambridge - places to visit in the UK

Cambridge is a mini city by international standards but it packs a massive blow of things you must see and do.

Ensure you must visit kings college and king’s college chapel. Here you will still see a huge screen made of wood that Henry VIII gave to Anne Boleyn as a present. Still, it has initials inscribed on it.

For tasty food choose fitzbillies for their most popular brunches and homemade cakes.

Ensure to head out punting on the river cam and view the best scenes of the city from great St Mary’s church. Stay away from the historic stone tower which shakes quietly when bells ring.

All these places to visit in the UK are best in day time and yes they are located in LONDON!

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A Final Thought:

These are the top 10 best places to visit in the UK. Whenever you get to visit England make sure to visit these stunning places and I bet you won’t ever want to come back. These places are the most popular and the most beautiful ones in the UK.

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