How to beat the heat?

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beat the heat

In this scorching heat when no one is at ease, there are some cool ways to keep it low. First of all, we all know water is an essential element when it comes to heat. However, there are several more things that you can do to beat the heat. If you are sensitive to the summer’s heat and are looking for wise tips here you go!

Lessen hot food:

Obviously hot foods in hot summers promote heat. In this heat don’t run before taste. Soups and other hot edibles not only make your stomach upset but also cause the reverse effect of your health regarding hotness. Using electric appliances to cook food would be the best way to avoid fire. Lessen the use of the oven and use salads instead. On the contrary, eat ice-cream, juices, lemonade, mint products, water, and all of that cool stuff which keeps you calm throughout the day.

Take a portable fan system along:

This is perhaps the wisest way to instant cool. Whenever you feel you are getting overheated and want something cool, what’s better than an instant fan? Not many people take it seriously, but if you are out and you know you can’t get home anytime soon taking a fan with you will serve the best. Be smart and take the small portable fan when you are far from home.

Take a wet sheet:

When you go to sleep but still can’t find peace. It is your bed. If you take a slightly damp sheet (or wet if you prefer that) along with you will see the difference. Sleeping on the wet sheet is also known as the ‘Egyptians Method’ and it works super fine and does not require much of your effort. Moreover, if you take a nap, it will be more quick and deep. It is the best way to beat the heat while sleeping. Moreover, this idea works well even with no electricity available.

Don’t let the heat come in:

Why is that when you close your windows the heat is still in there? Well, to know, the sun is at its peak and the hot air from winds comes inside of your room to make it an oven. As mentioned before, take a wet towel and hand in front of your window the air coming through the window is now a breeze. Open the opposite window for the best air ventilation and proper flow of air. Moreover, use insulated drapes on close windows. Using an air freshener will also lessen the heat and makes the environment friendlier. Use plants in your room to get more oxygen and fresh air.

Know your cooling points:

When drinking water, and sitting in a fan doesn’t give you peace, it’s time to apply a cool pack of ice on you. You can try that by taking a wet cold towel and applying that onto your wrists, foreheads, neck, at the back of the neck, etc. you will feel relieving from the itchiness from heat and find calmness. A cloth wrapped in an ice cube will make your body temperature low and you will feel alive during the sun time.

Exercise wisely:

Nobody can deny the importance of exercise at all. However, the blazing heat of June and July seems to change our plans. If it is becoming really hard to continue your workout routine, turn it to something worthwhile. You can postpone your gym session and start going to a swim. Yes! A swimming activity not only strengthens your muscles but also helps to fight with the heat. Hence, by being in the water you will feel less heat and more energy. It is a fun way to keep your energy level maintained. Indulge more into water sports and activities and be cool.

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Take care:

Sweating in the heat of summers is something we can’t run from. However, excessively seething may lead you to low blood pressure, giddiness, headache, and more. Don’t go out in the sun or in the middle of the noon. Avoid getting yourself overly sweaty and remain in the shade. Using anti-sweat deodorant can be a good idea for that matter. Take shower regularly and drink as much juice as you can to beat the heat.

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