Who is Gary Owen? A Short biography of Gary Owen and his kids

Gary Owen Comedian

We all enjoy watching stand-up comedians because they are very amusing, and entertaining to watch. Stand-up comedians also throw light on current affairs in a funny and lighthearted manner. Today, we’re going to discuss one of the best stand-up comedians of all time, Gary Owen. We will talk about Gary Owen kids, wife and also Gary Owen.

The majority of you are already familiar with Mr. Gary Owen; in fact, for some of you, he may be your favorite, which is why it could be worthwhile to learn more about him, such as about his wife and children.

Around 1997, Gary Owen was featured on BET to perform his standup comedy, and he began his career in the realm of standup comedy, from that point his career had been highly lucrative. He appeared in a number of films, including the following:

Gary Owen is married to Kenya Duke, and the couple has three children. According to recent reports, Gary and his wife are having some difficulties and may be divorcing; in 2021 wife Kenya filed for divorce from Gary.

The news reports said that Kenya began demanding $44000 per month as spousal support, which worsened the conflict between them and ultimately resulted in Kenya filing for divorce in March 2021. They have been together for about 17 years.

Gary Owen kids

Kennedy Owen

Gary and Kenya Duke are proud parents of three children, the eldest son is Emilio, who celebrates his 30th birthday in January 2021. Austin, the second son, will be 21 years old in 2021, third child is their daughter, Kennedy Owen, who is only 19 years old and celebrates her birthday in July.

The audience is quite concerned about what will happen to their children and how they will continue their lives following Gary and Kenya’s separation, despite the fact that their children are not too young.

Emilio Toliver – Eldest Child:

Emilio Owen Gary owen step son

Emilio Toliver is the eldest of three children. He is Kenya Duke’s son. If you were unaware, he is a son from her previous marriage. However, Gary Owen accepted him, and both Gary and Kenya adore him. He stated in one of his posts that his son Emilio is a package deal for him, means he came along with Kenya, and that he does not mind.

Austin Owen – Middle Child:

Austin Owen is Kenya and Gary’s middle child. He adores his father Gary’s company, and he is not shy about displaying his affection on social media, too. They are living happily, and they are a close-knit family.

Kennedy Owen – youngest Child:

Kennedy Owen is Gary and Kenya’s youngest child. She is only nineteen years old. She is adorable; you can also regard her as a combative family member. She has a stronger affinity for her mother Kenya Duke unlike the Austin Owen he enjoys the company of his father more.

Kenya Duke’s statement

Although the pair had been together for a lengthy period of time, they were happy, having been together since 2003, yet, it appears as though Kenya Duke was dissatisfied with her marriage or that something else occurred. She has filed for divorce and even made a personal attack on Gary in one of her social media posts.

Concerning her court testimony Kenya Duke asserts that she has no choice but to file the divorce for Gary Owen. She has done so in order to secure financial assistance from him. And, just to refresh your memory, she is seeking approximately $43k, which is a huge amount.

She claims that she left her career for Gary because he aspired to be a comedian and if she had not spent so much time on Gary by giving up her dreams then she would be something too. She claims that she left her fantastic account manager position roughly 17 years ago in order to assist him.

His wife stated that Gary is not paying his mortgage timely, and he is also not thoughtful of bills, fees, deposits, and things like that, which she tells the reason for not tolerating him anymore.

Kenya also says Gary is the only provider, and whatever he does he does not give them a good life, especially in the Covid-19 time. S She says she sees no reason why Gary should not provide the family with the necessary support. Gary Owen’s wife and children appear to be on the verge of divorcing in the future.

Gary Owen and Kenya Duke Now:

Comedian Gary Owen’s wife files for divorce

As of now, Kenya Duke and Gary do not appear to be resolving the situation; rather, it appears as though they will end their 17-year marriage and relationship. Kenya Duke, on the other hand, is not taking anything lightly. Even she felt upset and angry when she saw Gary’s post about a shirt printed with the Breadwinner word.

She called the entertainment to complain about Gary’s neglect of his children and wife. She has filed against him and requested child support.

Gary has stated that he would not pay anything because their children are no longer kids and they do not need any child support, and he does not intend to give child support payments. He is also right that his kids are not children anymore.

8 things interesting things about Gary Owen

  •         Gary was raised in tailor park, which is a low budget home scheme
  •         He was born in Cincinnati, Ohio
  •         Gary Owen is youngest of his siblings
  •         He has six siblings
  •         He has earned title of funniest serviceman in USA
  •         His stand-up comedy opened door in films
  •         He has several movies
  •         You can find his DVDs in a very low price on his official website

Gary Owen profile:

  •         Emilio, Austin, and Kennedy are the children’s names.
  •         Gary’s birthday is July 1974.
  •         Born trailer park in Cincinnati, Ohio
  •         Kenya Duke is his wife.


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