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If you’re a lover of the superhero genre, then you should be familiar to that Marvel as well as DC universe. This is the world full of superheroes and one of the most popular ever made films is Wonder woman. Today, we will discuss the Alma Versano who is the daughter of the actress who played Wonder Woman.

Alma Versano is cute daughter of Gal Gadot as well as Yaron Versano. We all are familiar with Gal Gadot and we’re big admirers of the Israeli actress too, however; the topic of today’s post will focus on the daughter and not actress herself, Alma Versano. Alma is the oldest and the first baby from Gal and Yaron.

The most interesting thing concerning Alma Versano is that despite of being daughter of famous Gal Gadot she hasn’t made an official appearance in the world of film at this point. 

She hasn’t signed on for any major project too, but we all know if she wanted to, she could have signed up. However, Gal Gadot at this point has prevented her from participating in media and movies.

Alma Versano

Alma Versano kid

Alma Versano is away from the world of film, and she’s not well-known to the general public as a celebrity child. One reason is that she wasn’t in the headlines of her own or in any news reports when Gal Gadot was expecting a baby.

This was different from her other daughter Maya who is the younger sister of Alma Versano she made quite an impression when Gal was expecting her.  This is the reason why she is famous in the film business world more.

While Gal Gadot was working on her role in the filming of Wonder woman, and she was pregnant, so she was able to draw attention of everyone. Reporters from the news made headlines, and Maya was in the news prior to her birth, but not in the case for Alma Versano.

Angry Bird 2:

Alma Versano angry bird

But here is an interesting fact about her. Alma was the voice actor for the Angry Bird 2 animated movie. She was one of the chicks in the film. For the record, she is in the third grade. She born in November of 2011 as was her sibling Maya Versano was born in the month of March in 2017.

Now we can be certain that in the near the near future, she will surely be involved in several big projects, but at present she’s not a part of the showbiz. However, as a big lover of Gal Gadot many people are hoping to be able to see Alma Versano in some upcoming projects as well.

Check out Angry Bird 2 trailer; Featuring voice of Alma Versano

Alma Versano Net Worth:

Alma Versano and Gal Gadot

We know that Alma Versano is just a young child, and she’s totally dependent on her parents. Alma’s net worth Versano is only what her parents own. We don’t have any details to verify the amount she earned for her film Angry Bird 2. Although she gave her voice in the movie, yet we aren’t sure whether she received any money at all.

Alma’s schooling:

At present, Alma Versano is studying in the third grade, but still she is very smart for her age. And that is why she played one of the hatchlings on Angry Bird 2. We don’t know anything about her education in depth. But, we do have her Instagram which is where her mother Gal often posts photographs of her schooling as well as other moments that are memorable.

The mother also mentioned that she never thought her schooling would be anything like that, and she has talked about how Alma’s education differs from the other children because she is able to stay at home and go to online classes.

On the other hand, Alma seems to be very happy with her online classes, her school is in different time zone so she has to study according to the time zone school.

Another interesting aspect is that the grandmother of Alma is also a teacher. And His grandfather was an engineer, he was also one of those people who survived the holocaust.

Alma and Maya’s birthdays:

Alma Versano is 7 years old. She is the older than Maya. Alma’s birthday is in November. Also, her older sibling Maya was born in March 2017 this means that Alma four more years old than Maya. The two Alma as well as Maya are sweet children and they are learning about morals and ethics from the early age. Gal Gadot makes sure they learn about moral values.

Gal Gadot along with Yaron Versano

Gal and Jaron

Alma Versano is the child of Gal and Yaron Versano, she is first child. Both Gal and her husband are caring and loving parents. They also cherish their spouses very much. Moreover; the couple met in pleasant circumstances.

They were at a party and after a while they began feeling drawn to one another and were contemplating getting married. They finally tied knot in 2008.

Despite having nearly 10 years gap in age they love each other and have a wonderful marriage. They both enjoy their families. Gal Gadot also posts her images to the Instagram for Alma Versano. They have such a loving and close-knit family.

Additionally, Yaron and Gal had an extremely romantic relationship, after a while Yaron proposed to Gadot on his knees, and it was all romantic. 

Gal gadot family

Soon they thought about marriage. Yaron already had promised her he would marry her in two years. Later on he actually did and kept his word that he would marry his girl Gal. They married in the David Intercontinental Hotel. It was September 28, 2008 when they married.

Net Value from Yaron and Gal:

Net worth of Gal Gadot is about $10 million. She also has a husband who earns quite well as a real estate agent. We don’t know much about the earnings for the pair; however what we do know is that they owned a gorgeous luxury hotel located in Tel Aviv. They decided to offer the restaurant to an individual identified as Roman Abramovich, they closed the deal at $26 million.

Alma Versano profle bird’s eye view:

  1. Alma Versano born in 2011 November
  2. Maya Versano Born in 2017 March
  3. Alma is in the third grade.
  4. Gal’s net worth is $10 Million.
  5. Gal Gadot and Yaron had an eatery worth $26 million
  6. Her Grandmother is a teacher.
  7. Alma’s Grandfather worked as an engineer.
  8. Alma’s Grandfather was a holocaust survivor.
  9. Alma is the voice of Chick in Angry Bird 2

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