Juana Ahumada, and her husband Pedro Rivera

If you want to know about Juana Ahumada then you might have to look into who Pedro Rivera is, since Juana Ahumada is one of those people who are known by the celebrity they married with. 

Juana was born in 1982, which means she is now around 40 years old. She is an American born person. Her birthplace is not known to the media. She has a very unique and good personality; even in her 40s she has maintained herself quite well. She owns dual nationalities that are both Mexican and American, she belongs to mixed ethnicity. 

Juana Ahumada’s life

Juana Ahumada

Juana is a media driven person, she also pursued her career in the media industry. And this all became very well for her when she married all-time great Mexican singer, Pedro Rivera. 

Before that she used to work as assistance for Pedro Rivera, she has worked for Pedro continuously for 8 years. Thereafter they might have started to develop love like feelings for each other, which is the only explanation for them to get married. 

They also have considerable differences in age, yet they are happily married. We do now have deep information about the couple, as much as we know about Pedro, we cannot tell the same for his wife Juana Ahumada.

Juana Ahumada husband Pedro

Juana Ahumada's husband Pedro Rivera

Pedro Rivera is a talented singer. He also has acted in films, Pedro and Juana married in 2019 in California Huntington Park. 

Only few people attended the ceremony. A few of the close-knit and immediate family members. Distant relatives, and extended family members did not attend, so fans also did not know when this happened.

The couple also kept the ceremony and their marriage a secret for a little longer, and finally Pedro Rivera told everyone that he has married and even disclosed the name of his wife on one show.

Pedro’s first wife was Rosa Saaverdra, Pedro has 6 children from Rosa. However; they are now happy as well and leading life with content. Also Juana and other family members get along nicely; they seem to have created a bonding.

Pedro Rivera and Juana Ahumada Children:

Pedro Rivera and Juana are parents of 6 children, although these children are from his first wife. The children names are;

  1. Rosie Rivera
  2. Juan Rivera
  3. Lupillo Rivera
  4. Jenni Rivera
  5. Gustavo Rivera
  6. Pedro Rivera Jr

Juana Ahumada’s Net Worth

Juana Ahumada net worth

Since she has been working as an assistant for Pedro Rivera, media reports tell this was her major earning source. If she has had any other earning source then she has not disclosed it to the public. According to estimation her net worth is around $400k to $500k, but that is an estimated figure and we do not know the exact figure. 

Also Juana Ahumada is not actively available on social media, so estimating other assets is not possible. She is rarely seen on social media, and that too people think it’s because of her husband. He is a famous person and people love to know about his wife too. 

However; she has a good amount of money saved and she earned enough to lead a good life. If she has some other earning sources like business, then the public is not aware of that.

Pedro Rivera:

Pedro Rivera is Mexican singer, he is a good singer and also he is a good actor, but for now he is into production and writing. He has a good reputation because of his songs. Some of the shows he appeared in are; Clave Privada, Escape Sanguinto, El Financial de Hierro 4. 

Pedro is around 77 years old, and people are also concerned about the age difference he and his wife have. He states that they are living happily together.

There are different people with different opinions, too, such as; some people say Juana married Pedro for his money, and some people roast the couple on social media due to the age difference they have. But then there are fans too who encourage the couple.

Juana’s Ahumada appearance

Juana is a gorgeous middle aged woman; she looks pretty and attractive due to her good personality. Her height is 5‘5”. And her weight is about 55 kg which is good according to her height. 

Juana Ahumada is a beautiful woman; no doubt her outlooks and personality are quite fascinating. She is 5 feet and 5 inches tall, and she weighs around 55Kgs. She has maintained her good looks, and despite being in 40s, she looks young.

10 Things you didn’t know about Juana Ahumada

  1. Juana was born in 1982
  2. Juana Ahumada has been former secretary of Pennsylvania
  3. She used to work in education department
  4. Juana Ahumada used to work as Pedro Rivera assistant
  5. She also worked as superintendent of school in Lancaster
  6. Her  birth flower is Narcissus and Holly
  7. Juana Ahumada is step grandmother of 14 children
  8. Juana is great grandmother of 7 children
  9. Her step daughter Jenni Rivera died in 2012 December
  10. His step son Lupillo Rivera is older than Juana Ahumada

Interview of Pedro Rivera

Juana Ahumada and Pedro Rivera on a show

Pedro Rivera married twice, this made everyone excited to know more about Pedro and his wife, and Pedro was even called in one the shows namely, “Un Nuevo Dia”. The host asked him many things about his married life, and it was a hot topic for almost many other shows too. Juana said she likes the kind nature of Pedro, and also she likes that he does not give easily, and he respects people.

On the other hand Pedro Rivera said that he did not want to repeat the same mistake as before, if he now makes mind about something then he is more likely to go for those things in his life, as he now has a broad vision. You may also be interested to read about Vanessa Villanueva, click here if you want to read about her

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