Vanessa Villanueva: AKA Christ Perez Ex-wife

Who is Vanessa Villanueva?

Although Vanessa Villanueva is a former actress, you might frequently hear about her as Chris Perez Ex-wife. Vanessa was born in 1971, this marks her 51 years old in 2022.

She was born in the United States of America, not only had she pursued her career as an actress, but also as of now she leads her life as a successful business woman. In this article we will find some amazing facts about her life, let us start off by knowing how she met Chris Perez.

Vanessa Villanueva and Chris Perez: how did they meet?

Chris perez and Vanessa family photo

Chris Perez first wife was Selena whom he was quite in love with, and her tragic death shook everyone majorly Chris. And he was quite affected by the death of his wife Selena.

In around 1995 when his wife was killed by her president fan club, her name is Yolanda Saldivar, she shot Selena to death. This shook Chris deeply and he took drugs and fell into substance abuse as well. This however, became one of the major reasons for Vanessa Villanueva stepping into Chris Perez’s wife.

A friend of Chris Perez namely John Garza brought Vanessa, because Chris was able to meet Vanessa Villanueva and from that point on things went quite good for both Chris and Vanessa.  The couple married in 2001, and everything went well between them.

Chris Perez and Selena Quintanilla:

Selena and Chris were quite in love with each other despite the hardship they had to go through. They had a relationship and underwent unpleasant circumstances. One of the main things was Selena’s father, who did not like their marriage. 

But later on everyone accepted their relationship and they married happily, but we do know what happens next. And in 1995 Selena departed from this world. This left a deep impact on Chris and he could not recover from the loss and even after his second marriage, he does not seem to recover from that loss.

Who is Chris Perez?

Chris Perez

Chris is a famous and well-known American guitarist and a songwriter. He has been very successful in his songwriting and music career. Chris Perez even formed a band “Los Dinos’ ‘ in 1990 to further his commitment to the music industry. This significantly uplifted his career. He married Vanessa Villanueva in 2001.

Chris Perez launched his first album that he named resurrection; it was a big hit and was nominated for a Grammy award for being best Latin rock song. Estimated net worth of Chris Perez is around $1.2 million.

Finally their families are getting along:

Chris Perez and father of Selena did not have a better relationship in the past, since he married Selena Secretly in 1992. Selena at that time was only 20 years old. But recently he has announced that the families have worked this out for good, and also he says it has been hard.

If you did not know then in the past Chris Perez and Selena Families were having legal disputes too, this was regarding Chris Perez decision to have a miniseries based memoir. Concerning “To Selena, With Love”, in reply to this Selena’ father Abraham Quintanilla said that this should not happen as this book is not authorized.

Before all that, the two companies that planned to have the memoir book turned into a series said that Perez gave away the rights to Selena’s name. However; after four years the Texas judge declared the lawsuit proceeding.

However; the good news is Chris tweeted that he is no longer having any legal dispute; this was on the behalf of both families, as the issue has been resolved.
His tweet said; now both families have resolved the issues. And all those problems now belong to the past, and he further hopes that Quintanilla family and he will work together to further the legacy of Selena.

Chris Perez tweet about family

Good news! I have amicably resolved my legal dispute with the Quintanilla family. Now that these issues are behind us, going forward, my hope, and the hope of the Quintanilla family, is for us to work together to continue to honor and celebrate the legacy of Selena.

Chris Perez Twitter

Married life of Chris and Vanessa Villanueva

Vanessa Villanueva, and Chris Perez
An old photo of Chris Perez, and Vanessa Villanueva

Vanessa and Chris also fell for each other after meeting, and they married happily. But things did not remain as happy between us as fans expected. They did not stay together for a long time. They parted their ways in 2008, they had two children. Fans wonder what the reason is, and it would not be wrong to say Selena is the reason why he could not save his second marriage.

Vanessa realized that she cannot take a special place in Chris’ life, he could not let go of the past, and when he released the book “To Selena, with Love” it kind of proved to everyone how deeply Selena is living in Chris’ heart.

Chris and Vanessa’s children’s names are; Cassie Gabrielle Perez and Noah Perez.

The daughter Cassie is in touch with both mother and father, she often shares photos on her instagram handle, Cassie was born in 1998, she is working as Medical Aesthetician.

Cassie lived with her mother when her parents divorced. Despite this, she continued to spend time with her father, Chris. She frequently shares amusing photos on Instagram.

Vanessa Villanueva as an actress

Vanessa Villanueva is majorly known as the wife of Chris Perez who is now Ex-husband of Vanessa but this is not just how she is famous, she is also a wonderful actress. Even after divorce she continued to work as an actress, she joined the industry and remained successful to do so.

She first appeared in industry in year 2011, she appeared in Memphis Rising: Elvis Return directed by Marv Z Silverman. This promised a better life for her and increased her fame as well.

Not many people know that she also worked as an electrical contractor; she was a union electrician.

In 2015 Vanessa Villanueva had another appearance as Gaby Valdez in Forgotten memories, which was a series. This is not just about Vanessa; she also is running a day spa in Portland. 

Net Worth of Vanessa:

We do not know what the exact net worth of Vanessa Villanueva is, but we were able to accumulate according to the available reports. We estimated that she has a net worth of around $100k to $500k.

Since she is also earning from the business of Spa which is in Portland, her business is doing pretty well, and also due to her involvement in the media industry she is earning a good amount. Aside from all that, her husband Chris Perez left assets too.

Vanessa Villanueva and Henry Soliz:

Henry-Soliz and Vanessa

Vanessa Villanueva is now married again. Her current husband is Henry Soliz who is a 49 years old man, and he loves bikes, he loves Harley Davidson and Choppers. He is from Texas. 

She had an affair with Henry and now they both are living together as couple. Fans are happy that she has moved on with her life. They are happy in their life and staying in Portland.

10 things you didn’t know about Vanessa Villanueva and Chris Perez

  1. Chris Perez first album name was Resurrection
  2. Chris Perez wife Selena was shot to death
  3. Vanessa’s spa is located in Portland 605 Avenue 8
  4. Vanessa’s second husband is Henry Soliz
  5. Chris Perez has now resolved his issues Selena’s families
  6. He formed a band namely Los Dinos in 1990
  7. Chris became victim to drugs and substance after Selena’s death
  8. Selena was only 20 years old when Chris and Selena married
  9. Selena and Chris Perez married secretly
  10. Chris Perez first album resurrection got Grammy award

Vanessa profile:

  • Height: 170 cm
  • Weight 56 Kgs
  • Net worth: $100k to $500k
  • Ex-husband: Chris Perez
  • Current husband: Henry Soliz
  • Children: Two
  • Name of Children: Cassie Perez, Noah Perez

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