Facts you didn’t know yet; Jazzy Distefano and her husband Chris

Jazzy Distefano fitness instructor

Jazzy Distefano is the wife of Chris Distefano, who is one of the greatest stand-up comedians of all time. Jazzy is not only a great Zumba dancer; but also she teaches it. She is a certified group fitness instructor.

Jazzy Distefano is the mother of two children, and both Chris and Jazzy are happily married; their fans adore them for their unique and rather entertaining content.

Jazzy Distefano is also known as Jasmine and Vinny, these are her other nicknames, but officially she goes by the name of Jazzy.

Jazzy was born on 17 April 1984, making her approximately 37 years old. Liz Canuelas and Edwin are her parents.

Jazzy’s kids Violette, Tristan, and Delilah

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Jazzy Distefano is the mother of three children, two kids belong to Chris and Jazzy and one kid, Tristan is through previous relationship, but we do much know about this.

This has had no effect on their family bonding, as they all are quite happily leading their lives. The family intends to purchase a home in Staten Island in order to raise their three children with considerable love and care.

Their children names are;

  • Tristan
  • Delilah Destefano (May 2015)
  • Violette Luna Distefano (Born in June 2011)

Jazzy is a great Zumba dancer and teacher

Jazzy Distefano zumba teacher

Jazzy is pursuing her career as a Zumba instructor; she is an excellent dancer and is also a certified group fitness instructor. She is a fit woman who also assists others in reaching their fitness goals by giving them fitness plan.

One of the factors that motivates her to do so is her own experience with postpartum depression during her pregnancy, this makes her assist other women in remaining optimistic.

Jazzy Distefano has developed a unique method for assisting people with their body weight, which she refers to as the “Jazzy Method”. She combined bodyweight exercises with workout music.

People enjoy themselves while exercising, this keeps her workouts enjoyable. Anyone who follows her social media accounts will have easy access to her training material.

She also assists women with postpartum depression; she not only helps them get in shape, but also motivates them so they can go on living a happy life. This has also resulted in her gaining a sizable following on her Instagram account

Jazzy manages 21k followers on her instagram handle

Jazzy Distefano is a trainer who consistently trains people. Her social media account abounds with videos. And this has enabled her to amass a sizable fan base. She has approximately 21k followers on social media.

She is active on social media and regularly uploads videos filled with fitness content; her content is related to fitness guide. She has been successful in accomplishing all of that, and notably leading her life as a fitness trainer.

Jazzy Distefano and her husband Chris Distefano

Chris Distefano

You may be surprised to learn Jazzy Distefano is not married to Chris; they cohabitate as husband and wife but she is not married to him. For them, it imight be more like a live-in relationship.

Numerous people now refer to her as Chris Distefano’s wife. However, because they are not married, many people also believe Jazzy is Chris Distefano’s girlfriend.

They believe marriage will make no difference, as they are already in love and too close to each other. Also, they are leading beautiful and a life full of happiness.

All-time great comedian; Chris Distefano

Chris Distefano’s full name is Christopher Paul Anthony Distefano, he was born in Germany. He is Jazzy Distefano’s husband and is currently he is pursuing his career as a comedian. He has also achieved awards particularly for his humour.

Chris began his career with an MTV show, which was titled “Girl Code Guy Code.” He completed his elementary education at Queens’ Molloy High School.

After his high school education Chris then attended St. Joseph College, where he studied psychology. Not many people know that he was also a basketball player. There he continued his studies and earned a doctorate in physical therapy from the New York Institute of Technology.

St_ Joseph's College (Brooklyn) Bears on Twitter

Chris Distefano also practised physical therapy prior to deciding to pursue a career as a comedian. He began his career as a stand-up comedian in 2009 and hosted a show in 2010.

Chris Distefano: Put Your Phone DOWN | Chris Distefano Presents: Chrissy Chaos | EP 52

He was even nominated as a finalist in the 2011 New York comedy festival, earning him a positive reputation and opening doors for him to perform more comedy shows.

Some of his comedic shows are;

  • The Challenge
  • Off the Bat
  • Guy Court
  • Guy Code, Girl Code

Chris Distefano was also offered the position of announcer for a Netflix show called “ultimate beast master”. 2019 continued to be quite successful for him, as he began performing shows on a daily basis, later he hosted a podcast, “Stand-up with Chris Distefano.”

Jazzy Destifano’s net worth is unknown:

Jazzy Distefano and her husband Chris

Jazzy Distefano earns a good living, but her net worth is unknown; her husband Chris is worth $33 million. He earned this money performing stand-up comedy. However, his wife Jazzy is an independent woman, which indicates that she is well-off. She prefers to accomplish tasks on her own.

Chris’s confession on the podcast:

Chris Distefano also admitted in one of his podcasts that the first meeting between Jazzy and him was funny for him. Jazzy said to Chris that she had never heard of him before.

“I’ve never heard of you,” she said. And Chris stated that I continued to buy her drinks in an attempt to win her heart. And the most amusing part is that finally Jazzy and Chris ended up together.

Jazzy Distefano:

  • Name: Jazzy Distefano
  • Age: 37
  • Birth location: America
  • Birthdate: April 17, 1984 
  • Pet names: Vinny and Jasmine 
  • Religion: Christianity 
  • Parents: Edwin and Liz Canuelas 
  • Boyfriend: Chris Distefano
  • Children: Tristan, Delilah Violette Luna Distefano
  • Profession: Zumba and Fitness Instructor

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