Untold story of Tammi Menendez and her love Erik

Tammi Menendez biography

Tammi Menendez is the social media and showbiz industry’s biggest sensation; this is because an interesting story surrounds her. There is some fascinating, yet terrifying news surrounding her.

If you are unaware, her husband Erik Menendez has been facing life time imprisonment as he was arrested for murdering his parents with the help of his brother Jospeh Lyle Menendez.

Tammy Menendez met Erik in 1997, but she had a difficult time getting along with him, as officials discovered Erik’s guilt within a year after he and Tammi met, after that he was accused of the murder of his parents. 

Therefore, Tammi Menendez has also been in the spotlight since her husband had been all over the news. Erik was sentenced to life in prison without any parole. Let us shed some light on how Tammi and Erik Menendez met.

How did Tammi and Erik know each other?

Tammi Menendez

Tammi was previously aware of Lyle and Erik’s troubles. She learned all of this through television. That is how she began writing to Erik, as she must have been quite interested in Erik’s story, and this motivated her to talk to Erik.

Tammi Menendez even wrote in his book that she couldn’t forget how Erik was going through so much emotional suffering. 

And Tammi wanted Erik to understand that he shouldn’t abandon hope, and there are people outside who care about him and sympathize with him, even though he has terrible things going on.

She also said that she is very well aware what Lyle and his brother Erik did was wrong.

It was heinous, and for that they will also face consequences. However, she claims that the trial recognized the conditions in which he had to do so. Erik’s parents did not treat him humanely.

Erik and Tami initially started conversing via letters but soon switched to telephonic communication in July 1997.  She said she had no feelings of love or sexual desire; neither was it love at first sight for her.

After that she gradually fell in love with Erik , as her second meeting was more romantic in nature. They were eating from a vending machine. But they pretended to eat in a restaurant.

Erik and Tammi have never had sex, and so have no children. In one of her interviews, she stated that while it is difficult for her to live without sex. It is not a source of contention for her, so she is okay with that. 

This interview took place in 2005. She became emotional in the case of Erik.

Tammi and Erik Manedez

Tammi Menendez

Both the couple faced numerous challenges such as public criticism, daily life hurdles, but Erik and Tammy Menendez married in the Folsom state prison waiting room in 1999.

Even then, the statement that they had no sexual relations according to Tammy Menendez seems pretty unusual.

Tammy Menendez had husband before; her first husband wasChuck Saccoman, committed suicide. Tammy Menendez is the mother of his child. Tammi Menendez married Erik when he was 28 years old and Tammy Menendez was 37. 

It all began with a letter of sympathy for Erik . She developed an emotional connection with Erik , which resulted in their relationship.

Additionally, she tells the magazine that when she first wrote to Erik , she was unsure if he would ever respond. However, he did, and it altered the course of her life, as her relationship with Erik began to move on.

Tammy Menendez and Erik did not meet until 1997, when she flew across to visit Erik in prison. As of now it has been around 21 years since their court trials; their marriage still continues. While this may appear strange to many, it works for Tammi Menendez and Erik , and keeps them to continue their special bonding.

They are both committed to their unorthodox marriage work because the prison prohibits marital visits; despite this, they are both content with their never-ending emotional link.

Tammy Menendez biography

who is Tammi Menendez

Tammy Menendez is an author of a book about Erik and Tammi. “They said we would never make it: my life with Erik Menendez”. ” is the title of the book. She details their relationship in this book. She even reveals how they continue to do this for such a long time. In 2005, she published the book.

Her book’s publication demonstrated to the world that she genuinely cares about Erik and is also pretty serious about her relationship. 

Despite the lack of physical contact and intimacy, she continues to accompany him, which is very remarkable.

Tammi Menendez has a daughter, Talia Menendez, who is Erik’s stepdaughter. They do get along, and she refers to him as her earthly father. Tammi and Erik Menendez married when she was only nine months old, talking about today, she’s twenty-three years old.

Talia stays primarily with her mother, and according to media sources, the two drive 150 miles each weekend to see Erik. Talia is also the Instagram manager for her father and lives in California with her mother.

Tammi Menendez’s net worth

We only know about Erik’s father’s net worth, which is approximately $14 million. Erik and his brother Lyle received the entirety of his riches after his Father died. Regrettably, Erik had to spend a significant amount of money on court cases and legal procedures. As a result, a lot of money was squandered. 

On the other side, we do not know Tammi Menendez’s net worth or her sources of income. All we know about Tammi Menendez is that she is a successful businesswoman. She is currently around 61 years old.

 Tammi Menendez profile

  • Tammi was born in in 1960 in Hibbing, Minnesota
  • She is 61 years old
  • She never met Erik until 1997
  • Tami has a daughter from previous husband Chuck Saccoman
  • She wrote a book about Erik and her affair
  • Her book came out in 2005
  • Tammi married Erik when he was 28
  • Erik and Tammi married in Folsom state prison in 1999

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