Top 5 Thriller Movies You Can’t-Miss Out to Watch On Halloween 

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Halloween is around the corner. There are several ways to entertain your friends and family members. You can arrange spooky parties, and trick or treat is still popular, like in the older days. Besides all these usual traditions, you can try something unique as well. Why not watch some horror movies with extreme jumpscares? You don’t have to waste hours searching for a film perfect for the event. Our list of top 5 Halloween movies can double-fold the fun and horror element of the celebrations. Let’s get started. 

5 Scariest Movies to Watch on Halloween 2022

Halloween Ends

The recently released thriller Halloween Ends is a sequel to 2021’s Halloween Kills. It marks the 13th and final movie of the Halloween franchise, which started in 2018. The story displays the scary struggles of Corey Cunningham as he falls in love with a beautiful young woman. It begins with Corey killing a kid, Jeremy, accidentally. On another side of the story, an older woman lives with her granddaughter, Allyson, whom Corey falls in love with. 

Now follows a series of events where Corey ends up in a murderous trap rampage. This movie based on the suspense genre is a must-watch this Halloween for its thrilling elements and mind-boggling screenplay by the entire team. 


This movie starring Toni Collette and Alex Wolff is something you can’t miss on the spooky eve this year. Its horror element will enhance the fun of Halloween if you watch it with your family or friends. The story revolves around a family of four who experiences lots of haunted occurrences in their house. 

The death of their secretive grandmother follows all the spooky events. This movie has also been a part of the Sundance Film Festival in 2018. Critics claim it is one of the greatest movies of the horror genre. 

The Privilege 

If you want to watch a comedy yet scary movie this Halloween, try out The Privilege. It’s about a rich teenager attending a high-class private school with friends. However, they aren’t aware that what follows next will change their lives forever. You can watch the movie to see them unfold a dark truth followed by several nerve-racking supernatural happenings. 

It’s time to get some jumpscares this Halloween by putting this movie on the bigger screen. Get some popcorn, switch off the light, and head on for a scary adventure that’d scare you to no limits. 


As the name suggests, this movie would make you scream with fear. It has equally distributed elements of horror, mystery, and thriller. It’s about a killer who roams around with a ghost face mask. A group of youngsters is at his target as he wants to learn shocking truths about past events. Tara’s scary encounter with the killer would leave give you the ultimate jumpscares. Watch the movie to learn a deep secret about the man behind ghostface. Everything about things film is scary, making it an ideal watch on the spooky eve. 

The Conjuring

It’s a movie based on actual life events starring Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson in the lead role. Almost seven films have been released in its series, but 2013’s The Conjuring will always remain superior in its horror element. It features the life story of a couple Ed and Lorraine Warren, who explored supernatural things together. Perron’s case becomes their first curse. It’s interesting to see how the story unfolds with some scary elements. 

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Halloween and horror go hand in hand. You can get creative this spooky eve and play some horror movies on the bigger screens to watch with your loved ones. 

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