Lance Reddick dies at 60: Everything About His Life Inside

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The famous Black Actor Lance Reddick passed away on March 17, Friday. In his life of 60 years, he has been a part of several significant TV series, namely “The Wire” and “Fringe”. Reddick’s assistant Mia Hansen confirmed his death on Friday morning.

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The fans of Lance Reddick were very excited about his film “John Wick: Chapter 4”, which was also about to release in the upcoming week on March 24. In the film, Reddick played the role of Charon, who is a concierge of hotel continental. This hotel is displayed as a center of the gangster’s underworld hub. Reddick’s co-stars and friends were also shocked and showed grief in tweets. One of his co-star called him the “epitome of class”. 

Let’s check out the further details of Lance’s life and career. 

Lance Reddick Personal Life

The legend Lance was born in Baltimore, United States, on June 7 1962. In his education days, he was interested in music and was admitted to the Eastman School of Music. He then also studied at the Yale school of drama. 

At the very start of his career, he did voice-over roles. However, he made his acting debut at 34 in New Yorkers Undercover. He did not stop since then and did many roles in American TV series. 

Lance Reddick first saw his lover Stephanie in 1999. Then they tied the knot almost a decade later in 2011. It was Lance’s second marriage. They, as a couple, do not have kids together. However, Reddick has two kids from his first wife.  

Lance Reddick Movies and TV serials

Reddick has a beautiful career of more than 25 years. He did over 100 films and numerous dramas. Let’s take a brief look at some projects;

  • He debuted in the second season of the New Yorker Undercover in 1996.
  • He played the role of Anton Le Farge in the film “Great Expectations” in 1998.
  • Lance played minor roles in films like “Godzilla, The Siege, and I Dreamed of Africa. 
  • 2002 was Lance’s year. He was casted as Cedric Daniel in the series “The Wire”, in which he played the role of Lieutenant in the Baltimore Police Department at a narcotic unit.
  • In 2008 he played the role of Matthew Abaddon in the suspense film “Lost”. It was one of his successful projects.
  • Among his other major projects, ‘Won’t Back Down’, ‘White House Down’, and The Guest are included.  

Lance Reddick’s Musical Career

Besides Reddick’s acting career, he was also involved in music projects. In 2007 he announced his debut album, Contemplations & Remembrances’. It has nine tracks, including 

  • Walking
  • Time to Say Goodbye
  • Woman in Black
  • Hey John
  • Voices
  • Work of Art
  • Our Journey
  • Tick Tock
  • Remembering

Lance Reddick’s Upcoming Projects

Lance was an enthusiastic actor who gave his blood and soul to act. We can understand his love for acting by the fact that he completed four projects before his death. His upcoming projects and release dates are as follows;

  • The film ‘White Men Can’t Jump’ will release on May 9.
  • He will play the role of Zeus in the series Percy Jackson and the Olympians. It will release the next year.
  • He is also a cast in The Caine Mutiny Court-Martial. According to the directors, they may release it this year.
  • He is also a part of the film ‘Shirley’. It is a Netflix project, and its release date is still not confirmed.

Lance Reddick Net Worth

Lance Reddick is among the most respected and the most grateful actors. He did many famous films and TV serials. According to the report of CelebrityNetWorth, Lance Reddick has left a total net worth of 4 million dollars. 

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The news of the actor’s sudden death shook everyone. His family has requested the fans respect their privacy.

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