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Cricket has undeniably given us legendary batsmen in history, but the current Fab Four are some of the most remarkable and talented batsmen ruling the charts. The ‘Fab Four’ or Fabulous Four is a modern-day pop term crafted by global cricket lovers. The list categorizes the batsmen who have dominated the international fields and set new records in the sport. 

The consistent top scores and unbelievable performance set Virat Kohli, Joe Root, Steve Smith, and Kane Williamson among the Fab Four. The greatest of them being Joe Root, with his 97.1 average in a total of 11 innings. Smith earned a second spot in the charts with his 81.9 average speed in 17 innings. Next came Williamson and Kohli with their 61.9 and 44.6 average in their respective 17 and 20 innings. 

Keep in mind they all had a rough phase after 2014, leading to their dropped averages of less than 35. Yet they returned and found their place in the fab club. Let’s look at the current ‘Fab Four’ and their extraordinary records.

Virat Kohli

The former Indian captain has scored himself a position in the Fab Four. Kohli, with his aggressive approach, has had an exceptional run-scoring career. Having more than 27 hundred, and 7 double hundreds in over 104 matches, he is rightfully regarded as the ‘Quick Scorer’ and ‘Run Machine’ of this generation.

Despite his ups and downs, he has gracefully maintained his overall record by being in the top 30 batsmen in all cricket formats with the highest number of centuries. His stats show him in the 10th position in Test cricket, 3rd in the ODIs, and 21st in the T20Is. Kohli has performed well in every part of the world and thus secured a position in the ‘Fab Four’.

Joe Root

Looking back at Root’s Test career, his outstanding performance will justify his position at the top of the charts. More than 10,629 runs at a 57.1 average will make you remember all his most significant moments. His consistency in scoring runs racked up 35 fastest 50s and 28 centuries. He also attained 5 double hundreds in his career span.

His remarkable performance has gained him first position in Test cricket and 12th ranking in the ODIs. You will not find him in the T20Is ranking chart as he hasn’t participated in this format. His impeccable form has made him eligible to beat Tendulkar’s most fantastic runs possibly.

Steve Smith

8,543 runs, 29 hundred, and 4 double hundred significantly affect his test performance. All this is at a 60.58 average in a total of 91 tests. His consistency in scoring runs is phenomenal, making him stand first in test cricket. Lately, his struggle with maintaining his strike rate in the T20Is format can be seen, losing his spot in the top 100 T20Is batsmen. He also has the award for being the only player to score more than a thousand runs for four continuous years.

Kane Williamson

Since 2014 till now, Kane Williamson has been the most consistent player, not dropping his average to less than 45. In contrast to Kohli’s aggressive approach, Kane thrives with a calm and collected approach. His thoughtfulness and composed nature have helped the New Zealand team to overcome significant hurdles effortlessly.

He has attained 7568 runs with 25 hundred and 5 double hundreds in his Test career. Kane is the only New Zealand team player to score such double-centuries in long-format cricket. He has shown excellent form in all formats but has struggled to maintain his form due to his elbow injury.

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We hope you have now acquired enough information about the four fabulous cricketers of the world and their record-breaking stats!

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