Fifa World Cup: Why Football is a Popular Sport Worldwide

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Football Popularity

Several sports are played all over the world. People love them as they are a way of entertainment. These sports include football (also known as soccer in America), cricket, baseball, e.t.c. Among these sports, football is the most popular game.

Different clubs and countries play the sport in international events. One of the most famous international football events is the Fifa World Cup. It happens once in 4 years.

In this blog, we will discuss why football is so prevalent in global terms. Our discussion will also cover the famous sporting event Fifa World Cup.

Football Popularity in The World

Football is a very famous sport all over the world. From Asia to America, it is watched in almost every house. Kids are so addicted to sports that, besides watching it, they also play the game physically.

According to a survey taken in 2022, football has around 4.1 billion fans. The fact may surprise you to know that 8 billion is the whole earth’s population. It means football has a viewership of more than half of the world’s population. Read on to learn the reason behind the popularity of football.

There are several reasons behind the popularity of this sport. Here is the list of reasons. 

  • Soccer is the only sport without special physical ability requirements, such as basketball.
  • This sport gives the world top-quality players, which other sports may not. It simply means that the talent of football isn’t limited to a country.
  • It involves respect, talent, extraordinary abilities, and action-packed rivalries, which may be hard to see in other sports.
  • Soccer always provides the opportunity to witness a thriller and competitive match. We can not decide a team’s win or loss until the last minute.

Why is The Fifa World Cup so Important?

Football stadium

The Fifa World Cup is a football-based tournament. It is important as many people are addicted to it. People love it as it acts as a way of entertainment in their stressful life. Besides that, new talents are discovered in Fifa events who may be the future king of this game. The tournament draws billions of TV viewers’ attention every time. Additionally, it gives different teams from all over the world a chance to prove their abilities.

Fifa World Cup Popularity

FIFA 2022 - The Popular Football Event

The craze for the Fifa World Cup is unbelievable. The Fifa World Cup’s universal appearance makes it the most popular international event. 

No other world cup can beat it in viewership except the Olympics. According to a report, the last Fifa World Cup held in 2018 was viewed by more than 4 billion people.

Frequently Asked Questions – (FAQs)

Is Football the Most Famous Game in the World?

Yes. It is the most popular sport in terms of popularity, while cricket comes 2nd. It has more than 4.1 billion fans, which is two billion more than cricket.

According to a survey taken on an international platform, people aged 18 – 35 love watching the Fifa World Cup more than the Olympics.

How Many Views Did the FIFA World Cup Get?

The last tournament held in 2018 was viewed by more than 4 billion people.

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Whether it’s a kid or an adult, everyone is crazy about this sport. People get excited when they hear Fifa. The Fifa Football World Cup 2022 is just ahead. It will be exciting to see different teams competing with each other. We will get the opportunity to witness some famous rivalries yet again.

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