Fire outbreak…Things to do to save and be safe!

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Being prepared for emergencies is what makes us safe and also we can do a lot to help others. There are a lot of mishaps that occur in our day to day lives, some are ordinary while some can be fatal, like a fire outbreak. However, the good news is we can overcome and there is always a way to take such situations. All we have to do is to be smart not panic and …well read on!

fire emergency

Alarm others by using an alarm: πŸ””

Firstly, you need to do is to pull the alarm, to extinguish the fire and warn others. Pulling the alarm will immediately alarm all the people and thus the maximum number of people will be safe. In addition to that, keep the main entrance free from hurdles so that the people can pass quickly and in bulk. And use the fire extinguisher.

Smoke is coming… Uh no: 😟

According to a study, in a fire outbreak, it is smoke by which more people die and then the real fire itself. While in fire outburst, keep yourself indoors. Do not open the doors because the smoke can instantly fill up in your room. Wait for the aid till then.

 If there is the smoke coming you need to stay as close to the ground as you can, try not to inhale the smoke as it can damage your respiratory system and you can die of suffocation. Moreover, use wet or damp sheets to fix in between the entrance of smoke. 

The moist sheet or clothing will immediately halt the upcoming smoke and you will feel the difference. If you do not have any choice except going through smoke, use a damp cloth as a mask and remain as low as you can. It will reduce the risk of suffocation.

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Call assistance: πŸ“ž

Firstly, you should remember the emergency numbers for your area. Calling 911 and the fire department is a sure way you are on a safe hand. Let them know the situation and address. Do not panic while giving directions of the home or wherever the outbreak is. While the aid is on the way, do try to on your own by waving your hand through windows, shouting or you can also hang clothing which is easy to spot. If you are in a building that is taller or located far from the crowd, hanging a bright cloth or some attention will let others know your situation. 

Close the previous: πŸšͺ

This point is very important when you reach a safer room or area don’t forget to close the doors. This will help by not letting the smoke inside. Smoke is the most dangerous thing that you should stay away from. Fire can be extinguished but once you caught the smoke it would be difficult to breathe and hence you can fall unconsciously or even pass out.

Keep an eye on the surroundings: πŸ‘€

In a fire outbreak or any other such incident, being active and vigilant plays a central to overcome it. Do keep an eye on your neighbors and fellow people. If you can count them and make sure none is missing. In the case of missing, hurry and tell the police.

Wrong turns won’t’ lead you to the right way: Β―\_(ツ)_/Β―

When there is a blazing fire outbreak, picking up your belongings is useless. In fact, it can put you in a serious situation. You can be missing while everyone is being saved. Moreover, in a hurry of running from the fire do not use the elevator. Electricity is the first thing that malfunctions in such conditions. Instead, use the staircase and make it quick.

fire outbreak

Don’t forget yourself In hurry: πŸ˜†

The thing which most people do not pay heeds to be their clothing texture during a fire outbreak. Wearing a delicate outfit with thin fabric would not save you from fire. If you are already wearing clothing that is more prone to fire such as nylon, change immediately. And if you can wrap clothes around you like on arms, legs and neck. This will keep you safe from catching fire, burns, and rashes. In case you catch fire, try rolling back and forth so that the flames go out. With the above-mentioned tips, it is hoped you can stay safe from fire and spread awareness.

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