7 ways for you to check if you are healthy

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Even if you are not suffering from any ailment currently, it doesn’t mean you are fit altogether. Being well for a day cannot be taken as being fit and healthy. If you are fine for one day and feeling lethargic the other day, you need to take it seriously. However, there are simple ways to see if you are strong within or you need improvement. Read on to know more!

fitness tracking

Keep track of your health:

Firstly, keeping track of your health means having a check on your last visit to the doctor for your illness. Do consider this an important factor. If you become ill more often it indicates that you have a poor immune system that needs some attention. On the contrary, if you do not have a history of being ill recently, you have a strong immune system which plays a crucial role to stay fit. Moreover, good immune helps fight with the disease in case you fall ill.

Is your stomach as good as you are?

Your stomach is where the food digests. If it is out of order to start malfunctioning you cannot maintain your health at all. Keenly observe how your stomach behaves, what food you are allergic to, and what it feels when you eat a lot. If you come across issues like acidity, indigestion, etc. you suppose to see a doctor, immediately!

Stamina Build-up:


Stamina tells your overall health condition. If you are always tired of doing things and performing regular tasks, you cannot say you yourself are a fit person. If you are very bright and energetic in the morning but lose all of your energy while you are at the office, school, or wherever you are supposed to be active, you are having low stamina. Berating heavily after or during the required task tells you to work hard on your health.

Have you changed?

Well, we all change by time. However, a drastic bodily change within a short time is alarming. The simple way to see that is to examine your photos and clothes a few years back. If the clothes are unable to fit any more of the photos is way too much different as compared to you now. It certainly means you are not keeping up with your health.  Many people think that becoming less in size is a good sign.

However, not always, if you suddenly become thin in a short time it might mean there is something wrong in your body. Before assuming on your own, it is best to consult your doctor. It is always best to maintain your weight before it is too late.

Lift weight to see what happens:

lift some weight

No matter if you are a weight lifter or just an average Joe. You can check the fitness level of your strength. If you can easily lift a weight your muscles are in good health. Good muscles are the key to good strength. If you often lift weight it is even better to strengthen your muscles. But make sure not to lift a weight that is out of your capacity as it can cause a muscle pull or even a serious injury.

Eating habit:

eating habits

As we know, eating has a direct effect on our health. Whatever we eat ultimately causes a change in our health, perhaps it is said that we are what we eat! To see if you are still fit as before, investigate your previous eating habits. For instance, if you eat more than you should or vice versa. Take it seriously. It should be moderate. 

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Being happy: 

being happy

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Last but not least, being happy is the most important thing. You might be thinking that what being happy has to do with our health in the first place. But it has a deep connection to great health. In fact, if you are fit and fab, everything you eat or do lose its effect on you. Check how much you live your life, how much you meet, and hang with friends. Moreover, the very first sign of upset health is lost interest in everything. So, all you need is to be happy, eat well and do whatever you feel like, in a good way of course!

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