Having Headache? Here Are Some Tips to Tackle!

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No doubt, headache is one of the worst pains which prevent us to focus on the work. Headache is not an uncommon pain and almost all of us have experienced it.Β 

headache solution

No matter how cool you try to be, it happens and when it does you cannot do anything till it goes. But the question is how to drive off the severe ache. Thankfully, there are several ways to cure the headache and they work super fine. First of all, it is advised to take rest and limit your work, keep yourself relaxed.

Β However, if it does not help, there are more tips to handle the ache. If you are suffering from pain, read on.

Improve Eyesight with Simple Techniques

Subdue the illuminations: πŸ’‘

While in headache lights do not feel right. Even a single flash of it elevate the pain considerably. The first thing you should be doing is to lower the intensity of light and even switch it off if that soothes the pain. Eyes become vulnerable in headache. Make sure your windows, computer screens, cell phone, and other bright objects are not in direct contact with your eyes.

Try the pressure points: πŸ’’

If you know your pressure points, you can lessen your pain to a great extent, and even vanish it. It is simple. All you have to do is to massage your temples and neck. It will instantly go and you will see the difference. Moreover, massaging helps you regulate the blood flow and ease the tension.

Try the compressor: πŸ§Šβ„wind

A cold compressor in migraine helps greatly. Wrap a towel or cloth in an ice cube and apply it on the forehead and temples. It is advised to apply this for at least 15 minutes with the interval if 15 minutes. In addition to that, a cool shower also helps.

If not the migraine, take a hot compressor in order to ease the stress. The hot compressor on the neck and back of the head will lower your pain and make you relaxed. In this case, take a warm shower.

Packing Tips for Wise Traveling

No chew: πŸ”πŸ•πŸ

chew your food properly

When we say chewing is the best exercise to enhance facial muscles, it obviously means it has to do something with your jaws and related muscles. So, you can deduce that chewing gum in the headache can be the cause of greater pain.

While in pain in your head chewing has reverse effects towards the headache. Not only with chewing gum, but you should also avoid those hard foods and candy that requires a lot of chewing. Instead, take smaller bites and eat slowly.

Caffeine may help:Β β˜•

use coffee for headache

In persistent headaches, caffeine plays a vital role to lower it down. Taking tea or coffee is not a bad idea.

One thing not to forget about is that you should not increase the quaintly of caffeine because it would cast a reverse effect on your overall health.

Ginger tea will help you a lot. Ginger possesses the most amazing anti-bacterial elements that directly soothe your headache.

Essential oils are essential: 😊

oils are better in headache

Β Essential oils will help you more while in headache. The aroma from the oil is a remedy that acts as a medicine. The compound and element from essential oils will make your headache gone within no time.

The use of peppermint and lavender is highly recommended in severe pain. Especially use the oils on temples and forehead. One more tip regarding the scent is that you should stay away from the hard pungent smell as it can promote the pain and make it worse as well.

Keep it Hydrated: πŸ₯€

Water is the remedy for so many things. If you keep yourself well-hydrated your overall health will be commendable. On the contrary, dehydration is the root cause of many problems and one such is a headache.Β 

Cat telling that he chewed the cable

If you often have those headaches, you need to change your diet routine e and more importantly include hydrated products, such as juices. And check the eating habits if you have an increase in the intake of caffeine and similar stuff. So, make sure you chew your food properly, and do above mentioned tips, but just like this cat, please dont chew the internet cable. πŸ˜‚

However, if your headache is not cured by any of these tips you need to go see the doctor. Having headaches more often can be a sign of stress and some serious ailment as well.

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