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In today’s age, almost everyone seems to fight with eyesight issues. This thing has not only affected our eyes but it does affect brain activity. Prolonged weak eyesight is the root cause of many other issues like headaches, running eyes, and poor performance at work moreover, if it keeps persisting you may lose your vision altogether. You need to take it seriously before it is too late. But fortunately, there are ways to nip the evil in the bud. By simply trying these tips you can not only cure the poor sight but also sharpen it more if you already enjoy a great vision!

Inside is the real out

You are what you eat; you might have heard this phrase. This is 100% true. If you only improve your eating habits and diet you can overcome several problems such as poor eyesight.

First of all, increase the number of carrots in your overall food. Make sure you are taking enough vitamins like A, C, and E. Moreover do use minerals, antioxidants, and zinc. There are foods that are considered excellent for eyesight like spinach, broccoli, strawberry, almonds, citrus, fish, etc.

Protect your eyes

Protecting the eyes is crucial. It is equally important for those who have a great vision already. Do not look at bright and neon objects for longer times. When you are out, put on UV glasses for safety.

Wear protective glasses especially if you are working in the garage, or laboratory of some science project so that the risk of harsh chemicals getting in contact with your eyes remains minimal.

Go for protective goggles with polycarbonate material used which is more quality than a regular ones.

Eyesight protection

The 20-20 is not only in cricket

For the hectic and continuous work of the day, your eyes need attention. The eyes are the most sensitive and a little strain can promote poor sight. All you have to do to increase your vision is follow that 20-20-20 principle that works super fine if your screen usage is more. The rule is very simple. Just stop looking at your screens after every 20 minutes, and see 20 feet away for 20 seconds. This tip is quick and effective. Just take time out and see the results.

Be clean and hygienic

Cleanliness should be the top priority. It saves you from other ailments as well. Don’t rub your eyes more often, especially with dirty hands. Never forget to clean your lenses and keep your hands clean always.

Clean and hygenic eye

Do the eye exercise

Every muscle of our body has its own importance and it needs your attention. When you work out to get your muscles built up, why forget the eyes? The eye exercise in the morning is a suitable time for the best outcome. Warm up your palms for about five seconds and place them onto your eyes. Repeat this three times. Roll your eyes, in terms of exercise not as a form of expression. This will make your muscles active. Hold the pen at your arm’s length and focus. Repeat this ten times. It will sharpen your eyesight. You will notice soon.

Work on the surroundings

When your eyes are lethargic and droopy, you do not want to see the illumination and sharp colors. This is the apparent thing. So, make your environment friendlier for your eyes. There should be greenery around you which you should be seeing from your workplace from time to time.

Sleep on time

Maintaining the sleep time in your life will actually make you healthy. Rest your body and let it unwind from the day’s work. Let the eyes close and the brain does its work. Sleeping is the easiest yet most effective way to repair your body. Know that a full bodily rest can improve your sight, not a mere closing of your eyes for a few moments.

Moreover, sleep on time, and in between take time out for your eyes!

Tip of the day!

Seeing green objects and natural plants will ease your tiredness in the eyes. Try changing your wallpaper in the computer room and round it into subtle colors. Use rose water, cucumber, and potato on your eyes. This will keep your eyesight maintained and gradually increase your vision!

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