Is Google’s Pixel 7 Going to Give Samsung Galaxy S22 A Run For Its Money?

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Google vs. Samsung

The recent launch of Google’s Pixel series has shaken tech followers with its new and improved specifications. In the last few years, Google has not created some exceptional or top-the-mark smartphones, nor has Samsung. Recently, both have come forward with their best product with some close similarities. Although Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra was introduced much before the Pixel’s release, Pixel 7 caught up to its standing with its new and improved features. Here’s a complete overlook of the specifications of both Samsung S22 Ultra and Pixel 7 to decide if Pixel has what it takes to give Samsung a run for its money.

Google Pixel 7 Pro VS Samsung S22 Ultra Specifications Difference 

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Display Dynamics and Design

Samsung S22 Ultra has kept up its display game with its exceptional Dynamic Amoled display. Whereas, Pixel 7 has given the S22 a close call with its impressive OLED display. Regarding screen size, Samsung S22 Ultra is on the bigger side with its 6.8″  diagonal length. Pixel seven is not much behind its 6.7″. Both serve almost similar display dynamics with a refresh rate of 120 Hz.  

Both phones come in distinct styles, with different fanbases based on preference. The visor strip as a camera unit looks elegant with its solid glossy back. In contrast, Galaxy S22 has a matte finish which also looks impressive. Pixel 7 does not provide a wide choice of colors with ordinary black, gray, and gold. With Samsung 22 Ultra, you can get colors like green, black, burgundy, red, and blue.

Both phones come with fingerprint scanners to ensure security. The difference between the two scanners is that the Pixel 7 has an optical scanner, and Galaxy S22 uses ultrasonic. The optical scanner is said to be faster and more effective than the ultrasonic one.

Is Camera the Winning Difference Between Google Pixel 7 and Samsung S22?

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Both Samsung and Google have done tremendous with their cameras making it a tough choice to choose the better. Pixel 7 has introduced some exceptional features in its camera that is not new in the tech industry but are not present in Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. Along with its ultra-wide camera, an advanced macro camera comes with a motion blur feature that must be tested to confirm its quality.

Google claims to produce focused and sharp images with its 50-megapixel primary camera and 48 mp zoom camera, and an ultrawide camera of 12 mp. Samsung S22 has a 24-hour life which we will see how it proves to be. In the case of charging, Samsung slightly overtakes Pixel by charging at 25W, which isn’t much and provides no significant difference in speed.

Will Pricing Range Decide Its Worth?

Pixels 7 pricing has given it an advantage over Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. The overview of the specifications of both smartphones makes Google’s Pixel 7 a better choice from the perspective of the features it comes within the range. A price range of $599 is justified for Pixel, given its features. On the other hand, $799 seems a bit much when compared based on specifications.

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