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If you follow celebrity news then you are probably familiar with Damian Lewis. Damian Watcyn Lewis was born in London in 1972. Today we will talk about his daughter Manon Mccrory Lewis.But before starting to write about Manon, let us talk about Damian just to give you a glimpse of his life.

Damian Lewis is an English actor who is well-known for his red hair, which has become something of a hallmark for him. His American accent was also the buzz of the town at the time. Damian Lewis has gained good recognition for his US Army officer role in HBO’s Band of Brothers. This also earned him a Golden Globe nomination.

Damian’s late wife:

Damian Lewis spoke openly about his wife Helen Mccrory, as part of a Times tribute. She is well-known for her good reputation, and everyone considers her with admiration.

He also shared what his wife Helen told to their two children prior to her death. Gulliver and Manon, her two children, are 13 and 14 years old. Damian Lewis stated that his wife Helen left their children Gulliver and Manon Mccrory Lewis at a young age, but her children are prepared for the future.

His children are courageous and full of wit and confidence. Damian states Helen instilled us with courage rather than fear. She advised her children not to be unhappy because she had lived the life as she desired.

Helen dies at 52:

Helen McCrory

It came as a shock to everyone, but especially to Manon Mccrory, who is now without her mother. Cancer was the cause of death; unfortunately she was unable to defeat the disease.

It’s logical that Manon Lewis would struggle to continue without her mother Helen; after all, mother’s presence is everything. On the other hand, we know from Damian Lewis’ comment that they are almost ready to face the world. 

siblings of Manon Mccrory Lewis:

Manon McCrory and her family

Manon Mccrory Lewis birthday is officially on 18 September. We do not know what she does for a living, although she is well-known as the late actress Helen’s daughter. She was born in 2006, which means she will be sixteen years old in 2022, and so we guess she does not have to do a job for a living, she is dependent on her Father.

We can understand how difficult it must have been for her at such a young age, considering she was pretty close to her mother. Manon’s father is also an actor who has received numerous honors, most notably the Golden Globe award.

Even though she is the daughter of a famous actress, she enjoys her private life quite a bit; she occasionally attends film premieres.

She is not spotted at cinema events and awards ceremonies frequently. Gulliver, her younger brother, was born in November 2007. They are currently residing in London.

Kids are not allowed to use computer: 

Manon Mccrory Lewis With her Mother

It may come as a surprise to learn that these children, Manon Mccrory Lewis and Gulliver, are not permitted to appear in films or be in the spotlight for the time being. They, also do not use computers too much; you will not find them as active on social media.

Additionally, in a 2015 interview, the pair stated that they limit their children’s use of social media out of concern that it may reduce their expressiveness. They have approximately ten minutes to use the computer. Manon maintains a social media following of about 4000 people.

Helen’s most recent television appearance:

It’s heartbreaking for fans to learn when Helen last appeared on television, it was her final appearance. She was not disappointed even though she was in serious condition. She encouraged those around her, particularly her family members. 

Helen’s last quote

“I want Daddy to have a lot of girlfriends; you must all learn to love again; love is not possessive, but you know, Damian, try to make it through the funeral without snogging anyone.”

Helen McCrory
Manon Mccrory Lewis with her Father

Helen’s short bio

  • Helen was born on 17 August 1968
  • This actress began her career onstage. 
  • She had appeared in a variety of theatres.,
  •  She appeared in one of the featured films, The Queen. It was a television project.
  • Her films include Harry Potter, Blood Price, Skyfall, and Doctor Who, Harry Potter and Peaky Blinders

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