Where to Stay in Tallinn, Estonia

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Estonia’s warm and cozy capital is always awaiting tourists from all over the world. Located on the North Western coast of the baltic sea, Tallinn is famous for its rich urban culture contrasting beautifully with the ancient medieval heritage and historical sites. Even though you can explore the city in a couple of days, we suggest you spend at least a week for the Estonian beauty, culture, and architecture to soak in.

The city is divided into eight administrative districts, further divided into multiple neighborhoods. The Old Town is the most famous among tourists, which features historic buildings and medieval traditions. Pirita is the perfect place to relax by the beach, Kadriorg, which allows you to experience luxury living in Tallinn. To experience urban life in Europe, you can stay in the city center. Other neighborhoods include Kalamaja, Rotermann Quarter, Kesklinn, and Vanalinn.

Old Town

Old Town, Tallinn Estonia

Want to get lost in the history of Estonia? Tallinn’s Old Town is the perfect neighborhood that allows you to experience a soul-touching connection with medieval heritage. As you step out into the winding streets of the Old Town, you will encounter numerous ancient stone walls and hidden courtyards that tourists especially come to witness.

The top attractions here are the Tallinn Town Hall, a historical landmark and a prime location for local gatherings, festivities, and concerts. If you visit this place during winter, you might as well witness the disappearing Christmas tree around it. Do not forget to visit the Viru Gate, Town Hall Square, Estonian History Museum, Heino Elleri Monument, and Eduard Heidi Monument. 

Make sure you check out the local Estonian restaurants that you will find throughout the neighborhood. Some of the favorite local eateries that trend amongst the tourists are Kohvik Vaffel, Tops Cafe and Bar, T-35 for classic European breakfast, and nothing besides the Kalaranna Resto for authentic gourmet burgers.

The best way to go around the Old Town is on foot, as you can stop and stare at everything you find amusing, take pictures and experience the moments of your life, feeling as if you have traveled back in time.


Another attractive neighborhood preferred by tourists in Tallinn, Estonia, is Pirita. Suppose you are looking for a getaway to relax your mind while you sip on cocktails relaxing by the golden sand. In that case, Pirita is where you should be staying.  Summers in Estonia are no less than a treat, both for the locals and tourists. Whether you are taking a break from work or would like to work in a peaceful environment, Pirita will treat you well. 

Go skinny dipping in the Baltic Sea, or dare to surf for the first time; the coast is full of adventures. You can also go canoeing in the Pirita River Delta, which no visitors seem to miss out on. End your day with a peaceful walk at the Promenade and inhale the refreshing, salty Piritan air. 

Enjoy a breathtaking view of the city from the top Tallinn TV tower, the highest viewpoint in Tallinn, and do not forget to visit the Tallinn Botanic Gardens, located a few minutes walk from the coastline. Local eateries in Pirita that we recommend you try include Kalevi Jahtklubi Resto, My Sushi Pirita, and Viardo Cafe.


Kadriorg is a luxurious urban area in the heart of Tallinn, Estonia. It has always been in the spotlight since it was established by the Russian tsar, Peter the Great, as his prime estate. Now, this is where the presidential matters of Tallinn city take place.

In Kadriorg, you will find multiple coastal resorts with elegance rooted deep in the wide-spread, planned gardens and wooden mansions. The most famous tourist attraction in Kadriorg is the Kadriorg Palace, and a variety of historical museums, which include Peter the Great Museum, the Kumu art museum, the Eesti Kunstimuuseum Kadriorg RingKanal, the famous Kadriorg Sundial, and the Eduard Vilde Museum.

Do not forget to visit the well-maintained gardens spread all over the city that connect you to nature. The most accessible gardens in Kadriorg are the Apollo plats, the Roosimagi (especially in autumn, you will feel like being in a movie), and the Upper Garden for a breathtaking flower show.

Are you looking for some recreational activities? Visit the Kadrioru Tennisekeskus, the sports complex, to energize yourself, or watch a game at the Kadrioru Stadium. Even though Kadriorg is the most expensive place to reside in Tallinn, Estonia, the peaceful environment amidst the hustle of work and business can be your home while you stay, work, relax, and explore Tallinn.

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There is no place better than Kalamaja if you are looking forward to staying in a neighborhood full of colors and creativity, with a true essence of what life in Tallinn, Estonia, is. This area is undoubtedly the coolest place you will find in Tallinn. 

Kalamja is adjacent to the Old Town and the city center; you will experience a blend of urban, suburban, and historic vibes. Kalamaja is also famous for developing busier streets as new cafes, art galleries, and co-working spaces are inaugurated daily. You will also encounter modern art and walls painted with graffiti, along with astonishingly crafted wooden buildings giving you a picture-perfect background. 

In Kalamaja, you wake up to the addictive smell of freshly brewed coffee in multiple basic, classic, and aesthetic coffee shops on each block. Some famous coffee shops that you can visit in the neighborhood are Kingipood, Cafe Brasil, Vernalia Kohvik, Okut Cafe, and Leelo Kohvik. 

Other nearby tourist attractions that you can get to on your foot include the Kalamja Museum, the famous library, and the Kalamaja Cemetery Park, which is no less than a wonder. Moreover, their transport works fine, and you might take a bus from one stop to another to explore the neighborhood’s beauty.

Experience shopping at the local markets of Estonia at the Kalamaja Bazaar and the Balti Jaama Turg. You should also grab some souvenirs to take back home.

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