The Xbox Series X restock hits the market; Here is where you can you get the console

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The Xbox Series S has been surprisingly easy to find everywhere. While the more capable Xbox Series X has been much more difficult to locate. Walmart’s replenishment on Thursday was by far the largest this year, and another one like it is unlikely to come before next week. There’s always the possibility of a surprise afternoon replenishment from GameStop or Best Buy, but both have been less regular in the last two months. And if you were hoping for something to appear on Saturday or Sunday, realize that these are even rarer than a surprise resupply on a weekday.

Xbox Series X_pre order

If you missed out on this resupply and need a console right away, your best choice is to buy through a service like StockX or eBay, which provide buyer protection in the event that the transaction isn’t authentic. Here are some suggestions for obtaining a console safely and without paying exorbitant rates.

  • Timing: Unannounced restocks normally occur after 10 a.m. PT (1 p.m. ET), unless they come from Target, which typically does so before 6 a.m. PT (9 a.m. ET).
  • Membership memberships are available at Walmart, GameStop, and Best Buy. And they typically provide early access to restocks, although they are not necessarily required. Even if you don’t pay for early access, you should make an account with these stores to get speedier checkout. • Weekend restocks are much less common than weekday restocks. If you really must have a console this weekend, purchasing a third-party system is likely your only alternative.
  • Download your favourite retailer’s app. That is typically faster to use than the website, but it’s best to use both.

Do you want to know how to improve your chances of acquiring a console? Here’s what we have.

Why is it so difficult to locate an Xbox?

Essentially, Microsoft has been unable to obtain the components required to manufacture enough Xbox consoles to meet demand. As with the PlayStation 5 and most PC video cards .There is now a chip shortage that is limiting supplies. The epidemic disrupted output for many semiconductor producers, and industry observers believe the problem will not be fully rectified for several months.

The Walmart Black Friday restock of PS5 and Xbox Series X

As a result, Microsoft produces as many consoles as possible and distributes them to its retail partners. Each retailer distributes its available consoles in whichever manner it sees fit. Most of the time. This entails declaring ahead of time when the console will be available for purchase online and then making it available to anybody. For additional information, see CNET’s Stephen Shankland’s complete discussion of the chip scarcity.

What happened to the Xbox recently?

We keep note of every console replenishment and keep this list of the most likely places you’ll find a console as well as when it was last in stock there up to date.

  • GameStop: January 20, February 18; Target: December 2, 16, and January 6; Amazon: November 21; and Walmart: December 13, January 13, and February 24.
  • Best Buy dates: December 28, January 11, and 22.

What can I do to increase my chances of acquiring an Xbox Series X?

It can be a little disorganized, continuously scrolling the screen in the hopes of seeing a checkout link. And, as many can attest, it’s excruciatingly frustrating to enter your payment information only to discover that the purchase can’t be completed because all of the consoles have already been claimed. Here are a few of our suggestions:

• Launch several browsers: Do you have a laptop? Is that a phone? Perhaps a tablet? Use all of them to try to make the transaction. Prepare ahead of time by opening numerous browsers to the retail site of your choosing and being prepared to buy from all of them.

Custom Xbox Series X

• Don’t give up: Many of these vendors have begun releasing consoles over the course of 30 minutes in order to prevent bots from buying them all and reselling them at a higher price. If everything is sold out after the first 5 minutes, keep refreshing since your opportunity is likely not over.

• Set up and login in to your account: The amount of time it takes to input your payment and shipping information can mean the difference between receiving your console and being left behind. Set up an account on the websites where you’ll be shopping to avoid that delay.

• Make sure you get a confirmation email: There have been numerous stories of a transaction becoming “stuck,” and even though the website indicated that the sale was complete. No confirmation email arrived. And thus no Xbox arrived. Before you celebrate, keep an eye out and double-check that you have an Xbox Series X on the way.

Is it safe to purchase an Xbox from an unofficial retailer?

There are several locations where you may buy a used Xbox without fear of being scammed. If you shop on eBay or StockX, there are safeguards in place to prevent you from spending money and receiving nothing in return.

Aside from that, there are plenty of people out there eager to take advantage of everyone attempting to get their hands on an Xbox Series X. Here’s how to avoid the most common scams:

• Avoid using Twitter links: If you notice a tweet about an Xbox Series X resupply happening anywhere. Your best chance is to go directly to the retailer rather than clicking a link. Those Twitter connections have frequently turned out to be frauds.

• Only purchase at full retail price: If someone offers you an Xbox Series X for more than $500 or an Xbox Series S for less than $300, you should probably pass. Many of these websites offer “deals” or “bundles” that are frequently not worth it.

Buy the PS5 and Xbox Series X

Halo Infinite Edition:

This year, Microsoft launched a special edition of the Series X console inspired by the series’ most current title. Halo Infinite, to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Xbox’s original flagship series Halo. The console was a limited edition that rapidly ran out. While all vendors presently show the console as out of stock. There is a chance that there are still a handful available. If you’re dead set on getting your hands on a Series X (and don’t mind spending an extra $50), it might be worth looking elsewhere. More information on the limited edition Halo Infinite console can be found here.



So why can’t I just buy a PS5 now and have it shipped to me when it comes in stock?

I think that’s a very good question, and most people who play games would also wonder the same thing about this. People are very interested in these systems, but we also have to say that there is a lot of demand for them out there.
People won’t get their boxes on time even if they do that. This is a first come, first served thing, and you can only order two boxes per address. People don’t want anything to go wrong with this. If a bot wants to order a lot of things, then it will need a real address.

To buy a lot of PS5 games, this is not possible. People who have PS5 are very lucky. You can find many stores where you can buy your PS5.

How often does the PS5 come in?

In about two weeks, PS5 will be back in stores, as well as on the shelves of resellers. But for some people, the wait is worth it, and for others, it is too long. Sony even said that they will be slowing down the time it takes to get new games even more. Because there aren’t enough PS5s.

Some stores sell PS5, and they have a lot of boxes ready for you. The new update from Sony says that if you want to buy from Sony, you’ll have to wait at least two weeks or more.

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